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3rd May 1757 - 5th December 1786

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Image 154 of 4693rd December 1765

At a Court of Assistants held at Carpenters Hall
on Tuesday the 3d. day of December 1765 .

PresentMr. Plimpton
Mr. Atterbury

Mr. FungeMr. PullenMr. ReadMr. Whitcher
Mr. RobinsonMr. DermerMr. OliverMr. Spencer
Mr. MasonMr. DayMr. Jupp

James Clee< no role > Paid his Quarteridge to Michas0-13-4
William Knowles< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0-14-6
William Arrow< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0-10-6
Thomas Draper< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0-1-6
James Quince< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0-1-0
Richard Fenner< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0-1-0
Ralph Watson< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0-10-0
John Whiteaves< no role > Paid Do. to Do.0-9-0

Thomas Draper< no role > Paid a Non Inrollment0-3-4

Rose to Clee

Richard Rose< no role > Son of Ralph Rose< no role > of Little Marlow Com Bucks Farmer apprenticed
to James Clee< no role > of Bread Street Carpr . Consn 21.

Watts to Quince

William Watts< no role > Son of John Watts< no role > of Saint Giles in the Fields Butcher bound to James
< no role > of Bridewell Precinct Lathrender Consn Nil.

Cooke to Fenner

Samuel Cooke< no role > Son of Samuel Cooke< no role > of St. Martin in the Fields Custom house Officer
bound to Richard Fenner< no role > of Dean Street Fetter Lane Watch case Joint Finisher Consn Nil.

Davis to Watson

David Davis< no role > Son of George Davis< no role > of Aldham Com Essex Farmer bound to Ralph
< no role > of Somerset Street Goodmans Fields Carpr . Consn 10.

Stone to Child

Charles Stone< no role > Son of Charles Stone< no role > late of St. Clement Danes Tallow Chandler
deced bound to Anthony Child< no role > of Milford Lane in the Strand Carpr . Consn 2.2.



Wm. Peppit< no role > of Sugar Loaf Court upon Garlick Hill Son of Wm. Peppit< no role > Citizen
and Carpenter of London made Free by Patrimony.


John Ravenhill< no role > of Hounsditch Carpr . Son of John Ravenhill< no role > of the Parish of
Woolhope Com Hereford Farmer bound to Wm. Knowles< no role > of Clements Lane and
Cit and Carpr. of London and now made Free on the Testimony of his sd. Master .


Samuel Lee< no role > of St. John Street Carpr . Son of Samuel Lee< no role > of the Parish of St. John
Clerkenwell Com Middx Taylor bound to said William Knowles< no role > Citizen and
Carpr . and now made free on the Testimony of his said Master .

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