Carpenters' Company:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

3rd May 1757 - 5th December 1786

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Image 114 of 4697th June 1763

Court Day 7th. June 1763 Continued

Turnover Cooper

John Cooper< no role > Son of John Cooper< no role > of Cripplegate London Dyer bound to
Russell Martin< no role > Citizen and Carpenter of London and now turn'd over to
William Poulter< no role > Citizen and Tinplate Worker for the Remainder of his time.

Special Court 24th. June 1763.

The Ten following Persons Came on the Livery and Paid their respective
Fines, Fees, and Quarteridge Vizt. Thomas Egerton< no role > Daniel Stapleton< no role > ,
John Toron< no role > , Thomas Burbidge< no role > , Samuel Clarke< no role > , William Higgins< no role > , George
< no role > , Richard Houghton< no role > , Charles Ross< no role > , and John Burnell< no role > .

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