Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

1st August 1792 - 22nd April 1802

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Image 22 of 53414th November 1792


All Vagrants committed to this House to be passed to their respective Parishes bend
confined in Solitary Cells but that they be obliged to perform the same proportion of work as the p [..]


All Prisoners coming to this House be immediately stripped and clothed in the Uniform hereafte [..]
be fixed upon which they shall wear during the whole of their continuance in Prison and the
their own Clothes be washed and laid by to be given them when they are discharged.


every Prisoner and Vagrant shall each have a Straw Matras and Coverlid, and shall
be obliged to undress themselves every Evening.


Prayers should be read twice a Day to the Vagrants and Apprentices especially and
occasionally to the Prisoners in Solitary confinement.


One of the Rooms at present occupied by the Men Prisoners be appropriated to the
reception of Men and Boys Vagrants where they are to Dine and Work and that
another Room be filled up for them to sleep in


in the manner one of the Rooms at present occupied by the female prisoners be appropriated
for the reception of Women and Girls Vagrants where they are to Dine and Work and that
another Room shall be fitted up for them to sleep in


the two Infirmaries be provided with Eight Beds in each and proper necessaries for such
of the Prisoners as may be adjudged by the Surgeon and Apothecary too ill to Sleep in
their respective Rooms.


to prevent the return of such Prisoners who are discharged to their old habits of pilfering an [..]
Stealing.TwoWorkshops be filled up where each Prisoner chusing to Work till they can get
into better employment, shall receive the full amount of their daily earnings.


the whole of the North side & West of the Inner Court be converted into seperate Cells for the
Prisoners except such Apartments as are occupied by the Servants of the House; the
Artsmasters to be removed to the South West side of the Court.


the Ground Floor be converted into Workshops and Store Rooms as shall from time to time
be found necessary.


a Wall be built to divide the Inner Court, together with a cross Wall for the purpose of making
two Yards to air the Men and Women Prisoners seperately


The Surveyor be direded to survey and prepare a plan of the above alterations with an estimate of the expence for the
approbation of the Committee.

The Committee also took into consideration some extracts
from the Several acts of Parliament sent by Mr. Bigg respecting
Vagrants & recommending the said extracts to be painted on Boards and fixed
up in the Prisons-

Posponed any Resolution upon the Suggestions of Mr. Till [..] until the next
Meeting of the Prison Committee

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