Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

1st August 1792 - 22nd April 1802

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Image 18 of 53418th October 1792

That it be the Surgeons particular Care to exclude
from the Infirmary improper Objects either in point of
Disease or having Parishes where with safety they can be pass [..]
and that a regular list of the Patients in the Infirmary be [..]
Kept for the Inspection of the Prison Committee or the Governors
informing them of the Patients names time of Admission Diseas [..]
Parishes and time of Discharged.

The Duty of The Nurse

To see the Patients take their Medicines and rub
in their Ointment and attend to the Orders given her
by the Medical Officers.

To see that the Infirmary be kept clean and that the [..]
Patients in it behave in an orderly manner or otherwise
inform the Matron

To make the Poultices wash and make the Bandage
for the Patients under the Direction of the Matron

To see those Patients take their Medicines whose
complaints are too slight to require their being in the Inform [..]

To takecare that every Patient is perfectly clean before
they are admitted into the Infirmary.

Ordered the Steward to procure a Shift and Petticoat for
Arm Green who is extremely ill of a Fever and that
one of the Female Prisoners be by the Matron desire
to attend her.

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