Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

1st August 1792 - 22nd April 1802

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Image 3 of 5341st August 1792

Memorandums of the Prison Sub Committee
August. 1st. 1792

Present Messrs. Waddington

The Sub Committee having examined the Prisons-are
of Opinion-that Persons under confinement merely till they
can be pass'd to their several Parocher-ought not to
be in the same apartment with those who are confined
for Crimes

[..] The Prisoners being allowed Meat 4 days in a Week
/3 days together/ without any vegetables whatever
The Sub Committee are of opinion-allowing Potatoes
Wou'd not be attended with any extra expence, and
may contribute towards preserving their health

They are of opinion that Spinning Yarn wou'd
be more profitable to the Hospital-& better for the
health of the Women Prisoners than picking Oakum
particularly for those who may be under confinement
for any length of time

Robt. Hunter< no role >
Granville Sharp< no role > -
Richd Till< no role >
Jno Read< no role >

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