Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

12th July 1792 - 14th April 1802

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Extract from the Court Book and standing Rules and Orders

Resolved that the institution of Artsmasters and Apprentices ought to be
abolished as recommended by the Select Committee of Enquiry in their Report
of the 16th. May last

The Prison Committee to consist of 12 Governors 3 to be a quorum
4 Governors to go off, and to be replaced by 4 other Governors every year to
meet the second Wednesday in every Month and a Sub-Committee once
a Week in order to visit the Prisons.

Their first business is to carry into immediate effect in the best manner
possible the proposed reform respecting Artsmasters Apprentices and Bridewell
with all new arrangements as to the prisons and prisoners and to form
regulations adapted thereto and generally from time to time afterwards to
inspect and regulate all matters appertaining to the prisons and prisoners
in such a manner as to render the charity of Bridewell as respectable
and as extensively useful as possible conformable to the beneficent intentions
of the Royal Founder and our ancestors.

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