Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minute Books of the General Prison Committee

11th October 1775 - 9th December 1790

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Image 21 of 3023rd December 1782

Continued Monday 23d. Decr: 1782

Rattle to be provided
for the Use of the Beadle
Porters Man or Hemp
Dresser who attend the

It is further Ordered that this
Resolution be Printed upon a Board and
hung up at the Entrance of the Prison and
that the Name, Place of abode & Occupation of
every Person who shall Visit the Prisoners
shall be entered in a Book to be kept for that
Purpose at the Lodge by the Beadles or Porters
Man on Duty as also the Name of the Prisoner
so Visited And it is further Ordered that
a Rattle be Provided for the Use of the Beadle
Porters Man or Hempdresser who shall Attend
the Prisoners that in Case of any Disturbance
he may Alarm the Beadle at the Lodge that
the Gate of the Hospital may be immediately
Locked to Prevent Escapes

Steward to provide Six
Suits of Cloaths for

It is Ordered that Six Suits of
Cloaths for Men and Six Suits for Women Prisoners be
provided by the Steward and that their Old Cloaths
be fumigated and hung up in an Airy

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