St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

14th April 1766 - 17th February 1804

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Image 37 of 65223rd April 1797

For a Committee to assist the Churchwardens & Overseers
the Poor in Issuing Orders & making Regulations for
maintaining and Employing the Poor.


Mr. Richard Clark< no role >
John Bayzand< no role >
Stephen Flower< no role >
Edward Kibble< no role >
Francis Smith< no role >
Holloway Brecknock< no role >
John Lane< no role >
Thomas Sabe< no role >
Peter Chalfont< no role >
Henry Barlow< no role >
Thomas Burnell< no role >
John Griffith< no role >
Ele [..]

The Vestry then nominated the ten undermentioned
to be returned to the Trustees for rebuilding the Church [..]
the Church Rate for the Year 1767.


For Hounds ditch Precinct.
Mr. William Brown< no role >
Thomas Hale< no role >

For High StreetPrecinct .
Mr. Thomas Hardy< no role >
John Coote< no role >

For Bars Precinct.Mr. Thomas Tucker< no role >
John Buckley< no role >

For Tower hillPrecinct .
Mr. Benjamin Gee< no role >
William Kirby< no role >

For Covent Garden Precinct .
Mr. William Ross< no role >
Nathaniel Short< no role >

For Beadle Elias Colletts< no role > Elected

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