St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

19th May 1690 - 22nd May 1771

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Image 136 of 52326th December 1686

January the 10th: 1697/8 :

At a meeting of the Antients of the Parish in the Vestry
House, whose names are here Under Written, it was then
Ordered and agreed That the Dy all belonging to the [..]
Should be Repaired by the Churchwardens now in being
and that there should be: 4: of the Antients: (that is Mr Dep [..]
Coles Mr Marmaduke Bludder< no role > Mr Nathaniell Gale< no role > [..]
John Shrigley< no role > ) to Vew and Consult with, about the D [..]
of it.

Ordered like wise by the Same Vestry that the Pen [..]
Doreway made into it through the Churchwall (by a by [..]
of Vestry made the 26: of Decer 1686 : Upon a Sunday [..]
Evening Sermon) be at the Church wardens Liberty, to [..]
any Inhabitant in of Ither End of the parish: so of [..]
shall be found Roome to Spare, and the former Order
Void and of non Efect in Witnes. [..] Where of [..]
have Subscribed our Names the Day and Date above
Written: Antients then present:

Mr Thomas Coles< no role > Depty :
Mr Marmaduke Bludder< no role >
Mr Abraham Smalley< no role >
Mr James Carpenter< no role >
Mr James Greene< no role >
Mr Wm: Warren< no role >
Mr John Perpoynt< no role >
Mr Joseph Whitt [..]
Mr Edward Machum< no role > }

Mr Nathll: G [..]
Mr Wm Hodges< no role >
Mr Ephrim Wilford< no role >
Mr Nichol: Pickering< no role >
Mr. Hat [..]
Mr John Shrigley< no role >

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