St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

19th May 1690 - 22nd May 1771

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Image 134 of 52311th June 1697

June the 11th: 1697

Att a Vestry then held in the Vestry Roome: by [..]
Antients of the Parish of St Buttolphs without [..]
London Whose Names are here under Written it [..]
Ordered yt ye Church wardens buy a Branch for th [..]
with as much Frugality as may bee: & to make the [..]
for the Old one they can to help pay for it and lenth [..]
Iron it hangs by: and to Repaire the Staires of the [..]
Gallery in the North Side of the Church and Some [..]
repaires of the Church:

It is Like wise Ordered by this Vestry that the Chu [..]
Doe goe to those persons that have Lights into the [..]
Yard and acquaint them that Unless they will pa [..]
acknowledgment Anually for the said Lights d [..]
the Parishoners Pleasure: the Church wardens are [..]
to stopp them Up or make blindes Against the [..]
to make them Useless in witnes where of wee h [..]
Subscribed our Names, the Day and Date above writ [..]
Antients then present

Mr Thomas Coles< no role > Depty
Mr Marmduke Bludder< no role >
Mr William Andrews< no role >
Mr Thomas Clarke< no role >
Mr William Lillingston< no role >
Mr James Carpenter< no role >
Mr William Warren< no role >

Mr Giles Bullock< no role >
Mr Walter Hensh [..]
Mr Nicholas Picke< no role > [..]
Mr Ephraim Willf [..]
Mr John Shrig [..]
Mr Thomas Colco [..]
Mr. William Topp< no role > [..]
Mr Robt Dove< no role >
Mr Thomas Sea [..]

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