St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

19th May 1690 - 22nd May 1771

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Image 117 of 5235th February 1692

February the 5th 1691/92

At a meeting then of the Antiants of the Parish whose Names
are heareunder written it was then Voted and agreed that
there bee a Vault made or built in the Church yard at the
East end of the Church upon that ground which was formed
and Incroachment and now Regained by Order of [..] a
Court at Doctors Commons and that the said Vault bee 43
foote Long in Length and 11 feete in breath upon the
North End and 9 foote upon the South end thereof a
Little Moore or Lese all to bee Arched over and Nine
foote high from the bottom to the Top with in the missed
And the Bricks Bracks and Timber now lying wast upon
the Ground to bee Vallued by two able workemen one a
Bricklayer and the other a Carpenter and the person that
doth the worke to alow for the said materialls according to
the said appraisement and that Mr Thomas Crane< no role > This name instance is in set 1047.
and Mr John Merry< no role > for the upper end and Mr
Giles Bullock< no role > and Mr Josiah Keeling< no role > for the
Lower end bee Supervisees to see this don according to
agreement with the Churchwardens and the Builder

Mr Jonathan Elliott< no role >
Mr Anthony Palmer< no role >
Mr Marmaduke Bludder< no role >
Mr Thomas Crane< no role > This name instance is in set 1047.
Mr John Merry< no role >
Mr John Colebrooke< no role >
Mr Thomas Bugby< no role >
Mr James Carpenter< no role >
Mr John Ladyman< no role >
Mr Richard Shaw< no role >
Mr William Andrew< no role >
Mr John Pearpoint< no role >
Mr Thomas Smith< no role >

Mr Joseph Harrison< no role >
Mr Giles Bullock< no role >
Mr Josiah Keeling< no role >
Mr Walter Henshaw< no role >
Mr Ephrim Wilford< no role >
Mr Michaell Hardcaste< no role >
Mr Hugh Emery< no role >
Mr Thomas Freeman< no role >
Mr Nicholas Pickering< no role >

It was then also ordered by the Persons above named
that the Charge of the Suite at Law now already begun
about sharpes Buildings at Towerhill bee Carried on
at the Suite of the Parish unannimosly

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