St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

19th May 1690 - 22nd May 1771

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Att a Vestry held in the Vestry House belonging to the Parish of St. Buttolph
without Aldgate: (by the Antients of the for said Parish) the 5th Day of June 1699 :

Then Present

Mr Thomas Coles< no role > Depty
Mr Marmaduke Bludder< no role >
Mr James Robinson< no role >
Mr William Warren< no role >
Mr Nicholas Phelps< no role >
Mr John Colebrooke< no role >
Mr Abra: Smalley< no role >
Mr Richard Shaw< no role >
Mr Robt Brayfield< no role >
Mr Ralph Hutchinson< no role >
Mr John Durham< no role >
Mr Thomas Wich< no role >

Mr Walter Henshaw< no role >
Mr William Hodges< no role >
Mr John Raynor< no role >
Mr Nathaniell Mason< no role >
Mr William Smith< no role >

Mr Thomas Trulock< no role >
Mr Edward Crofoot< no role >
Mr Stephen Gifford< no role >
Mr Richard Willis< no role >
Church Wardens

Ordered that the Suite of Law now Comenced by Mr Samll Brewster< no role > Impropriator
Against Mr Robert Brayfield< no role > & Mr Jeremiah Garrett< no role > Shall be defended at the [..]
of the Parish and the money to be disbursted by the Renter Church wardens to be
Allowed in their Accompts, the managemt: of the said suite to be by the renter
Churchwardens, with the Assistance of the Upper Ch: wardens, and the same
Comittee appointed in an Order of Vestry made ye Second of May 1699 . (that is
Mr Depty Coles Mr William Andrews< no role > Mr John Hawkins< no role > Mr Walter Henshaw< no role >
Mr John Shrigley< no role > Mr Nathaniell Gale< no role > ) for the managemt of the Suite yt is Against
Mr Edward Holmes< no role > & Mr John Raynor< no role >

Ordered also by the said Vestry the said Church wardens & Comittee by the Advise
of Learned Councell in the Law Shall take all Lawfull wayes and meanes for the
Recovery of what rent is or shall or shall be Due for the shop & Seller under the
Vestry As they shall see Cause the Charge there of to be Allowed
as above said: Ordered also by the said Vestry that the said Church wardens and Comittee Doe putt in
Execution an Order of Vestry made the first day of July 1698 : for Suing Mr Sar [..]
Brewster for money due to the parish for Bread & wine for ye Sacrament
Ordered Also by the said Vestry that the Said Ch: wardens be Impowered to prose-
-cute all such persons as they shall finde to be Concerned for the payment of A
Charity given by Mr Francks to ye parish of St Buttolphs Aldgute formerly paid by
Mr Lee & sometime Since by Mr Giles Bullock< no role > ; the Charge of this prosecution to
be paid by the Renter Chur: wardens, & to be Allowed in their Accompts: the prose
cution to be for ye Recovery of ye said Charity.

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