St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

19th May 1690 - 22nd May 1771

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Image 129 of 52315th August 1694

Churchwardens of the said Parish for the time being shall
from time to time and at all times for ever hereafter be
Saved harmles and kept Indempnifyed at the Charge of the
said Parish by and out of the Rents benefitts and Profitts of
the same of and from all Costs troubles damages and expent [..]
which they or any of them shall Incurr Susteyne or be put
unto By Sr . Charles Umfrevile< no role > or any other person or persons
for or Concerning the Prmisses or any part thereof

Att A Vestry Holdon in the Vestry House the 15th. Augt: 1694
For the Parish of St. Bottolphs without Aldgate Etc

Then Present

Mr. Depty. Coles
Mr. Bludder
Mr. Hinshaw
Mr. Browne
Mr. Hobday
Mr. Allder
Mr. Wood

Mr. Keoger
Mr. Emo Eye< no role >
Mr. Gale
Mr. Lillingstone
Mr. Clarke
Mr. Brafield

Edward Holmes< no role >
Tho: Wych< no role >
Franc: Whitehury< no role >
Church: Wardens

Ordered by the said Vestry that A Pavement be made & Lease over the Vaul [..]
Att the East end of the said Pish Church to preserve the said Vault And to
Prvent the Issueing or seakeing in of Water, And that the said Church
bee Repaired, soe farr as att Prsent is Needfull.

Ordered Alsoe by the said Vestry. That the Chimney belonging to Mrs. Ogden
And the Vestry Roome, be Amended And Cured to Prvent the Casting out
of Smoke.

Ordered Alsoe by the sd Vestry that the Lower Church yard Wall be Viewed by [..]
Browne. Mr. Bobday Mr. Linshall & Mr. Gale Togeather 10th. the Church Warden
And they to cause the same to be raised & compleatly P forted (at the Pish
Charge) As to them shall seeme lost & requisite

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