St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 30 of 2387th March 1778

"distinguishing the Guardians Chosen each third year
"and what Vacancies have been filled up as likewise
"the number of times each Guardian have Attended"

Whereupon the Guardians in Consequences of sum
of the numbers require
Order directed the Vestry Clerk to make General Extract
from the Duplicates or Copies of the Annual Register
delivered to the Clerk of the Company of Parish Clerk
in order to Enable them to make a Return to the said
Order And Adjourned to Saturday Morning next
at 11 in the forenoon to Examine such Extracts.

At a Meeting of the Guardians at the
Workhouse on Saturday the 7th. day of
March 1778 at 11 o' Clock in the forenoon
pursuant to Adjournment


Mr. Peter Astie< no role >
Mr. John Hough< no role >

Mr William Brander< no role > Churchwardens

The Vestry Clerk now produced the Extracts directed
to be made by him at last Meeting which were Per [..]
Etc by the Guardians Present, Who Ordered the
Vestry Clerk to prepare a Return to the Order of
the Committee of the House of Commons there

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