St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th July 1767 - 13th December 1800

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Image 21 of 23816th February 1769

times of admission into the Workhouse & going from
thence who were not sent into the Country between the 17th.
day of May last & the time that the last Children were sent
in January last, And also An Account of what Children
are now in the House their Ages & admissions be laid before
the Guardians at their said Adjournment

Thursday the 16th. day of February 1769
at 11 o' Clock in the Forenoon pursuant to

Mr. Abraham Brecknock< no role >
Mr. Edward Kibble< no role >
Mr. Thomas Sabe< no role >

Pursuant to the Order of the Guardians at their last Meeting
The following Account was laid before them by the Master
of the Workhouse (vizt.)

Children's Names, Ages - time of being out or going from
the Workhouse
Mary Davis< no role > 13y:6m:0ddelivd. to Mor. 14 July 1767

Hannah Davis< no role > 11y:6m:0d
John Davis< no role > 7y:0m:0d
Ann Davis< no role > 2y:6m:16d
delivd. Mor. sameday

Elizabeth Foulstone< no role > 3ydelivd. to Fur.
Elizabeth Jackson< no role > 1ydelivd. to Mor.
Martha Sidney< no role > 3ydelivd. to Mor.
John Wilson< no role > 3ydelivd. to Mor.
Sarah Woodward< no role > 0y 10m..9ddelivd to Far.
Mary Deacon< no role > 0y..10m..6ddelivd. to Mor. same day.

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