St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Apprenticeship Indentures and Disciplinary Cases

6th August 1691 - 21st August 1700

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Image 36 of 7724th June 1692

This Indenture Witnesseth that Thomas Owen< no role > by and with the consent of the Prsent Church Wardens Thomas Hartley< no role > and
Robert Alders< no role > Church Wardens of the Ward of Portsoken london doth putt himself Appntice unto Charles Darwell< no role > of the Pish St Mary White Chapple
in the County of Middx Tayler to learne his Art & with him after the
manner of an Appentice to Serve from the day of the date hereofunto the full end & term of
EightYears from thence next Following to be fully Compleate and ended during which term the Said Apprntice
his Said Mr Faithfully Shall Serve his Secrette keep his lawfull Commandmts: every where gladly doe he Shall doe no damage
to his Said nor see to be done of others but that he to his Power Shall lett or Forthwith [..] Notice or Warning to his Said
Mr of the Same he Shall not wast the goods of his Said Mr nor lend them unlawfully to any He Shall not Comitt
Fornication nor Contract Matrimoney within the Said term he Shall not play at Cards Dice Tables or any other unlawfull
games whereby his Said Mr may have any loss with his owne goods or others during the Said term without licence
of his Said Mr he Shall neither buy nor Sell he Shall not haunt Taverns or play houses nor Asent himself from his Said
Mrs. Service day nor night unlawfully but in all things as A Faithfull Apprntice he Shall behave himself towards his Said
Mr & all his during the Said term And the Said Mr his Said Appentice in the Same Art which he useth by the best means that
he can Shall teach and Instruct or cause to be Instructed finding & Provideing for the Said Apprntice during the Said term
Meat Drink Washing Lodging Apparrell and all other neccessaries meet and ConvenientAnd for the true
Performance of all & every the Covennts and Agreemts: other of the Said Parties bin doth himself unto the other by
these Prsents In Witness whereof the Parties above named to these Indentures Interchangeably have Sett there
hands and Seals the Four & twentiethday of JuneAnno Dui 1692 And in the fourthYear of the
Reigue of our Soveraign Lord and Lady William and Mary of King & Queene England Etc.

Sealed and delivered
in the Presence of
John Fowles< no role >
Edward Roe< no role >

Caroline [..]

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