St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Apprenticeship Indentures and Disciplinary Cases

6th August 1691 - 21st August 1700

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Image 25 of 7723rd February 1698

This Indenture Wittneseth that Jeremy Ivell< no role > Son of Nicholas Ivell< no role > late of
the Parish of Saint Buttolphes without Aldgate London Woden Hatmaker deceased (being a Brush boy )
with the help and Assistance of the Churchwardens hath freely putt himselfe Apprentice to William
< no role > of the Pish of Saint Dunstons Stepney als Stebineath in the County of Middx Wooden hat
maker to learne lie art and with him after the manner of an Apprentice to Serve from the day
of the date of these Presents for and dureing the terme of Eight Yeares from theme next Ensueing
to be compleate and Ended Dureing which terme the said Apprentice his said Master faithfully
shall and will serve his Secretts keep his lawfull commands every where gladly doe he Shall
doe noe dammage to his said Master nor see it to be done of or by any other But to his power shall
lett or forthwith give notice to his Master of the same Hurt to his Said Master be shall not doe
cause or procure to be done he shall neither buy nor sell without his Masters Licence Tavernes
Inns or Alehouses he shall not haunt at Cardes dice or any other unlawfull game he shall not play
to the detriment of his Said Master nor from the Service of his said Master day nor night
absent himselfe But in all things as an hereof and faithfull Apprentice shall and will demand
and behave himselfe to roar [..] his Said Master and all his dureing the said terme And the said Master
his said Apprentice in the Art My Story or occupation of a Wooden Hattmaker of all Sorts
which he now useth shall and will beach and instruct or cause to be taught and instructed
the best way and Manner that he can findeing and alloweing unto his Said Apprentice sufficient
[..] wholsome meate drinke apparell washeing lodgeing and all other necessariee fitting and cause
ment for such an Apprentice dureing the said terme And for the true performance of all and
Singular the covenante Articles and agreements aforesaid the parties within named doe bind
themselves to each other firmely by those presents In wittness whereof the said parties
have hereunto interchangeabely sett their hands and Sealed the Twenty third day of
February Anno Domm 1698 And in the Eleaventh yeare of the Raigne of our [..]
Lord & William the third over England [..] King defender of the faith Etc

Sealed and delivered
(upon double Stampt Paper)
in the Prsence of.
Philip Nikols< no role > witness

the marke of ye. sd.
Wm. O. Fuell

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