St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

21st November 1785 - 13th January 1787

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Image 44 of 11110th June 1786

Middlesex ss

Rebeccah Luckey< no role > wife of Thomas
< no role > maketh oath that She has been informed by her Sd
husband & which She believes to be true that her Sd husbands
Father William Luckey< no role > heretofore rented a house in the
Parish of Gateshead in the County or Bishoprick of Durham
of the Yearly rent of twelve Pounds & died there legally
Settled That her Sd husband was born there & was afterwards
bound Apprentice to one Hillgate a Pipemaker there &
after having Served about five Years of his Apprenticeship in
the Sd Parish left his Said Master witht his Consent &
did not again return to him That her Sd husband to this
Deponts Knowledge or belief never rented a house of the
Yearly rent or Value of Ten Pounds nor ever Served any
Parish Office nor ever Paid any Poors Rates or Kings
Taxes nor ever did any Act to gain a settlement Subsequent
to his Apprenticeship That She hath a Child named
Sarah< no role > aged about Sixteen Years who has done no Act to
gain a Settlement for herself the lawful Issue of this
Deponent by her Sd husband to whom She was lawfully married

Sworn this Tenth day
of June 1786 before
R Davies

The Mark of
Rebeccah [mark] Luckey< no role >

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