St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

1st May 1770 - 12th February 1802

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Image 25 of 4419th January 1772

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Paid Mrs. Hensman for Greens for the Church- 10 [..]

April 18th.

Paid Mr. Byfield half a years Salary for Keeping the Organ in Order 3 - [..]


Paid Mr. Worgan half a years Salary12 10 [..]

May 28th.

Paid Oakley a Qurs. Salary- 10 [..]
Paid going to look at the Drain at the Almshouses- 3 [..]

June 2d.

Paid the Collectors of Consolidated Rate Etc.9 18 [..]

April 21st.

Paid at the Mitre Chophouse- 9 [..]

July 23rd

Paid Mr. Smith for Tags Ribbons Etc.7 6 [..]
Paid Mr. Robertson for Wine2 6 [..]
Paid Mr. Watts for an Inkstand for Mr. Stephens- [..]
Expended on the Parish Business- 3 [..]
Expended on Do- 3 [..]
Expended on Do2 2 [..]
Expended on Do1 7 [..]
Paid Expences at Westminster - 14 [..]
Expended at the Angel on Parish Business1 1 [..]
Expended at Mr. Marshalls on Do1 1 [..]
Gave Mr. Hensman Xmas Box- [..]
Gave Poor People at the Almshouses- [..]
Removing the Church Plate- [..]

Paid Mr. Johnson a Bill of the late Mr. Hatcher for BlackSmiths Work to
the Iron Gate of the Church yard Etc.
1 [..]

To the Accomptants trouble Collecting the Rent Roll2 [..]
Paid Mr. Marshals Bill for Wine at the Church on Sundays2 [..]
Paid for Greens for the Church at Easter- [..]
Paid for a Pewter Bason for the Vestry- [..]
Paid for mending a Lock to the Vestry Door- [..]
Paid Mr. Fisher the Vestry Clerk his Bill for this year4 [..]
Disbursed at Sundry Meetings on the Parish Business3 [..]
69 [..]

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