St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

22nd April 1746 - 24th March 1750

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Image 12 of 451st July 1746

Paid Mr Holbeck for Mops ye for the Church0.17.4

July 1st .

Paid the new Women for cleaning the Childrens Gallery0.2.6.

C. 5th.

Paid Mr Joseph King< no role > a years Interest for the Sum of 25 due

to him from he Parish (and which was ordd. to Stand at Interest till
paid by Order of Vestry) due at Midsummer last
1.5 0


Paid Mr Wilcox the Sexton for digging 4 Graves0.4.0.
Paid Mr Wilder for a Spade0.3.0


Paid Mr. Pattendon for yrs Scavengers Rate for the Church to
Hounsditch Poccinct due at Midsummr. last

S. Augt:

Paid for a Spade0.3.6

C. 27.

Expended at the Bell Tavern on a Visitation of the Islington Almshouses 1.0.11.

Septr 22d.

Paid Mr Erdswicke the Paviours Bill0.17.6
Paid Mr Jas. Moulton< no role > for a Broom for the Church0.8.6

Paid Mr Newton a year's Interest (for the money due from the
Parish to Mr Hill & wch. was assigned to him by sd. Hill) due

S. Octor 7.

Paid the pew Woman for cleaning the Childrens Gallery0.2.6.


Gave the Ringers being Thanks giving day1.1.0.
Gave Do. for Ringing on Coronation day1.1.0


Paid John Elmer for digging 10 Graves0.10.0


Expended on attending the Directors of the New River Water
Works abt. ye Estate in Cock & Hoop Yard


Paid Mr Barwell a Years Salary due at Michas last4.0.0
19 14 5

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