St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

22nd April 1746 - 24th March 1750

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Image 7 of 4522nd April 1746

The Particular Account of the Receipts and Disbursements
of John Caessey< no role > and John Simmons< no role > Renter Churchwardens of the
Parish of Saint Botolph without Aldgate in the Year of our
Lord 1746


Receipts on the Rent Roll

C: Of

Mr. John Stockden< no role > for the Nag's head Alehouse in
Hounsditch P annum due and ending at Lady day 1747}6..0..0

Do. for Two Houses in Hounsditch fallen down. £ 2..0..0

Mrs. Lowfield for Tenements in Cock & Hoop Yard, two Houses in
Hounsditch & two Houses in High Street due at Do}31..0..0

Mr. Thomas Lander< no role > for Houses in Cock & Hoop Yard£28:0:0

C & S:

The Recd: Mr. Wheatley for Sundry Tenements in Do. due Do6..0..0


Mr. Goodwin Blanchard< no role > for Britains Coffee House in High
Street & Yard adjoining due Do.}4..0..0

Mr. Stratton a House in High Street due Do.2..0..0

C & S:

Mr. William Ward< no role > for a House in Do. due Do24:0..0


Mr. Smith for a dwelling House in Do. due Do.11.0..0
Mr Joseph Heffard< no role > for his dwelling House in Do. due Do9.0..0
Mrs. Raison for a House in Do. due Do8:0..0


Mr. Jones for Green's Rents in Harrow Alley ½ a Year
of Mr. Jones


Mr Atkinson for a House in Chreed Church Parish6:0..0


Mr Lopey for Ground adjoining to Cock & Hoop Yd.10..0.0

C & S

Mr. Green for two Houses in High Street 8.0.0


Mr. Roberts for Houses in Cook & Hoop Yard6:0:0


Mr. Jacob Cook< no role > for a Shed next Tower Hill Watch: house0:10:0
The Company of Fishmongers Mr Jordan's Gift1:0:0
The Company of Clothworkers Mr Holligrave's Gift1:0:0
The Company of Vintners Mr Skidmore's Gift1:0:0
Mr. Dix the Gift of Mr Bayley4:0:0

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