St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursements Continued


31 March

Paid the Coroner and Jury of the Inquest that sat on the Body of Mary Fulston
that hanged herself in Harrow Ally } 2 0 [..]

31 March

Paid Mr. Darby the Beadle on that Account0 8 [..]


Paid Expences at the Ollives Porter attending on the Coroner and Jury0 3 [..]
To the Bearers for Carrying Mary Fulston to the lower Ground0 2 [..]

Gave a big bellyed Woman to go out of the Parish without a Pass she belonging
to Hackney
0 2 [..]

Paid Expences attending on the Lord Mayor about the Settlemt. of Mary Webster< no role >
and releasing her
0 2 [..]

To a poor Woman in Gravel Lane in Distress a Stranger0 1 [..]


To Mary Miller< no role > for 30 Weeks Nursing John Mitchells Bastard Child at one Shilling
and Six pence per Week the security being Dead and run away} 2 5 [..]


To a poor Family with a Begging Pass0 1 [..]


To Messaling in the Minories and his Wife being a Lunatick0 2 [..]

1 April

To Messaling and his Wife till they could be passed0 3 [..]


To an Old soldier and his Wife with a Begging Pass0 1 [..]


To a poor distressed Clergyman with a Begging Pass0 1 [..]


To John Lewis< no role > that broke his Leg till he could be passed0 2 [..]

7 Do.

To Jane English< no role > and her Child at Clerkenwell her husband being dead0 1 [..]

7 Do

Paid Expences in seeking after a Jew about a Bastard Child like to become chargeable0 3 [..]

7 Do

Paid for a Summons before the Lord Mayor concerning one Mary Ballondint and
Relieving her} 0 2 [..]


To Old Morloe the day he went to the Admiralty to get into Greenwich Hospital he being on the
List} 0 1 [..]


To Old Marloe and his Wife on their going out of the House0 2 [..]

21 Do

To One Mary symons< no role > in Harrow Ally having two Children likely to be chargeably and getting
her out of th Parish without a pass} 0 2 [..]
6 8 [..]

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