St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursements Continued


Paid Expences in Seizeing Several persons Goods for not paying to the poors Rate- 4 [..]

Paid Expences at Sundry times in Receiveing the Severall Fines for Church-Wardens and


Overseer} 1 8 [..]

11 June 1736

paid Expences at the Crown Tavern on Receiveing the Ballance of Mr. Goater Upper
Wardens Account} - 17 [..]

2d April 1737

paid Expences at Do. on the Auditing of my Workhouse Account- 14 [..]
paid Expences on Selleing this Account for the Audit- 7 [..]
For my Trouble and Expence in gathering in and Collecting the parish Rents2 - [..]


paid at a Meeting of the Vestry this day in Auditing this Account2 - [..]

Disbursements Relateing to the Indictment for the Watch-house in Aldgate
High Street as being a Nuzance brought by Mr. Towers Mr. Seaton Mr. Edmonds and Mr.
Johnson against me as a Church-Warden and the Tryall at the Kings Bench at Guild hall
thereupon as Follows (Vizt.)

paid at Sir Richard Brocas< no role > 's on Giveing Bail to the Indictment- 6 [..]
paid Expences and Coach-hire on my Bail Attending thereupon- 5 [..]

paid Mr. Salt Mr. Tanners Clerk for Traversing the Indictment and Giveing in Bail again at
the old Barley} - 16 [..]

paid Expences on my Bail Attending there- 10 [..]
paid Expences with Mr. Bentham about the Affairs- 2 [..]

paid Expences at a Meeting of the Comittee to Consult what was proper to be Done against
the hearing} - 6 [..]

paid Expences at Guildhall Coffeehouse on the Witnesses Attending in Order for the Tryal - 13 [..]

paid Expences at the Fleece Tavern in Cornhill on the Common Councillmen and other-


Inhabitants the Same day the Tryal being putt off to the Next Sessions} 1 5 [..]

paid at Another meeting of the Antients on the Same affair- 16 [..]

paid Expences at Guildhall Coffeehouse on the Witnesses Attending when the Tryal was putt
off again} - 5 [..]

paid Expences on the Witnesses at Mr. Walkers the Same day1 14 [..]

paid Expences at a Meeting of Severall of the Antients at Mr. Broughtons to consult about the
cause being removed by the presentors into the Kings Bench
1 - [..]

paid Expences at Guild hall Coffeehouse the Cause being Summoned for Tryall- 6 [..]
paid Expences at the Paul Hend Tavern after the Tryal was over1 1 [..]
paid Expences the Same day at Mr. Broughtons on Some of the Witnesses for a Dinner - 15
paid Mr. Chapman for a plan of the watch-house - 10 [..]


paid Mr. Bentham his Bill of Costs on Account of the said Cause51 19 [..]

Disbursements P Random Poor

Arton Mary< no role > AndrewsAveling Thomas< no role > Ashley Anne< no role > Aveling Anne< no role > - 13 [..]

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