St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Disbursments Continued


Do. at Mr. Walkers Birding- 9 -
Do. Paid Mr. Fry his Expenses laid out by him at a Meeting of the Committee - 10 6


Do. at the Hoop in the Minories Birding- 16 -


Do. at the Box Tree Gravel Lane on the same Account- 11 -

March 18

Expended at the Pye Tavern on the same Account- 18 6


Do- 13 9


Do. at the Crown Tavern on the same Account- 8 6


Do. in the Minories on the same Account- 16

April 3

Do. in taking Notes of hands for Fines- 8 6
Do. in Birding for Fines- 11 8


Do. at a Meeting of the Vestry in Choosing Churhwardens and Overseers2 - -
Do. at the Pye Tavern in Receiving Fines- 5 -


Do. in Receiving Esqr. Garfords Gift- 9 -


Do. at the Time of Giving away the Nobles- 10 6


Do. in Receiving Mr. Jolly Rent at Stratford and Mr. Winnes Fyne2 - 6


Do at a Meeting in auditing the Overseers Accounts1 10 -
Do. at a Meeting of the Vestry in Auditing the Present Account2 - -

Paid Mr. Price Carpenter for Viewing a Wall in Wool pack Alley by Order
of Vestry
1 1 -

Paid Expenses at Severall Meetings of the Cutlers Company- 5 6
Paid at the Coffee House in the Minories at giving a Way the Coles- 5 9
Paid with John Wisemash< no role > Apprentice to John Simpson< no role > Weaver 2 - -
Paid Charges at the Hall in binding of him by Order of the Committee- 16 -
Expences thereupon- 2 -

Paid Mr. Bentham his Bill of Costs on Account of the Mandamus out
of the Court of Kings Bench against the Alderman Deputy and
Common Council men for not paying the Parishes Quota to the London
Workhouse Pursuant to an Act of Common Council for that purpose
14 - -

Paid Mr. Tuston late Overseer of Tower hill Precinct the Ballance of
his Account
2 - -

Paid Mr. Jones out of the Convection money- 6 8

Paid the Executors of Mr. Rooke one Years Ground Rent for the Houses
in Still Alley due Christmas last
34 - -

69 15 4

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