St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1732 - 1759

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Receivings Per Fines


Reced of Mr. Belson for his Fine for Over seer Renter and Upper Church Warden12 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Guernsey for Do.12 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Cotton for Do.12 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Macklecan for Do.12 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Tuffton for Renter and Upper Church Warden10 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Chidwick for Overseer5 - [..]
Do. of Mr. William Taylor< no role > for Do. for Houndsditch Precinct5 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Henry Wright< no role > for Do. for Towerhill Precinct5 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Daniel Sell for Do. for Do.5 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Edwd Kibble< no role > for Do. for Barrs Precinct5 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Jarvice for Do. for Covent Garden Precinct5 - [..]
Do. of Mr. Winne being his Fine for the Houses in London P Yard31 10 [..]

Receivings upon Auditing

Reced of Mr. Bowers Overseer for High Street Precinct2 7 [..]
Reced of Mr. Ward for the Barrs Precinct1 [..]
Do. of Mr. Arnold for Towerhill Precinct3 11 [..]

Reced by Convection money1 - [..]

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