St Botolph Aldgate Parish:
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor Account Books

1689 - 1715

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Paid Foxly and George for washing the Vestry Cleaning the
Church and Branches Mapps Broomes Nosegays & Rosemary P Bills
4 1 2

Paid for a New Surplus3 8 0
Paid to Mr. Gupwell for Vestry Wine5 0 0
Paid to Mr. Talfoot for Beer0 9 0

Paid for Washing the Surplus and Comanion Linnen and
water for the font
1 16 0

Paid for three Prayer Books and two quire of Paper0 4 0
Paid for Pens Ink and Paper for the Vestry0 6 0
Pd. Mr. Bullock as P Bill10 0 0

Expended in Receiving Parish Rents and going about
Parish busines
2 10 0

Pd. Mr. Wise for looking after the Clock0 10 0
Paid the Bellhanger by the Deputys Order0 13 9
Paid to Mr. Penpoint P Bill0 14 8
Pd. to the Smith more P Bill0 7 6
Paid for entring this Accompt0 10 0

Totall received333.4.5
Totall Paid319.6.3
Remain due in ye Accots15.18.2
Whereof Mr Hartley hath received7.12.2
Soe there is due to ye Parish in Mr Pickrings [..] 8 5 6

Wee whose names are hereunder written have
audited this Accompt of Mr. Nicholas Pickering< no role >
and Nathaniel Gardner< no role > for the Yeare 1691 doe find
by the Ballance thereof as before stated there is
due to the Parish of Algate Eighte pounds Five
shillings and six Pence Witnes our hands this
30th. day of June Anno Din 1693.

Anthony Palmer< no role > Walter Henshaw< no role >
Marmaduke Bludder< no role > Wm. Hodges< no role >
Richd. Hodgskin< no role > Josiah Keeling< no role >
Thomas White< no role > John Shirgley< no role >
Wm. Andrews< no role > Ephram Wilfford< no role >
Thomas Smith< no role >
Robt. Alder< no role >

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