Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th July 1792 - 31st January 1800

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Image 104 of 37828th November 1793

Continued Thursday 28th: Novr: 1793

"Instructions I have recd. from him subject, a Copy of which
"I send you enclosed for the more particular information of the
"Hospital and at the same time I beg leave to add that I have his
"particular Injunctions to conceal this transaction from the know
-ledge of the world, and to prevent if possible its admission in
"any form whatever into any of the public papers", which I
"particularly desire you will recommend to the attention of the
"Hospital and at the same time I beg you will assure the
"President and Governors of the great satisfaction I feel in being
"able to convey to them such a piece of agreeable information
"for the benefit of the Charity over which they preside.

"I have the honor to be
"with great Respect
"Your most Obedt. Servt.
"Rob: Drummond< no role > .

"Mr. Alderman Clark
" Treasurer to Bethlem Hospital".

The following is a Copy of the Donors Instructions to Robert
< no role > Esqr .

"Whereas it is my intention to give to the President and
"Governors of Bethlem and Saint Lukes Hospitals both in the Coun
"ty of Middlesex for the use and benefit of the said Hospitals the
"sum of 10,000 Capital Stock of the four Pr. Ct. Annuities in
"equal Shares of 5000. Stock to each Hospital and for the
"purpose of putting my said intention into immediate execution
"I have by power of Attorney authorised any empowered Charles
< no role > of Charing Cross Esqr. Banker to transfer the said
'sum of 10,000 4 Pr: Ct. Annuities out of my name into the
"name of his Father Robt. Drummond< no role > Esqr. of the same place
"Banker and which Stock has been so Transferd. into the name of the
"said Robert Drummond< no role > on the 27th. day of July last.
"New I hereby direct and authorize the said Robt. Drummond< no role > to
"stand possessed of the said sum 10,000. 4 Pr. Ct Annuities for
"the joint use and benefit of the before mentioned Hospitals of

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