Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th July 1792 - 31st January 1800

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Austin Dr. Wm. nominated a Govr.6
approved of8

Artsmasters informed that then Premises
would be resumed by the Hospital

Auditors Minutes of Committee11

Artsmasters then Memorial referred to a
Select Committee

The Presidt. to call a Court to determine
whether any alteration shod. be
made in the Present Institution

Auditors Report 29 to32
Names of Committee34
Artsmasters names of elected35
Allam Thos. not elected35
Abergavenny Earl of receives his charge 45
Arden Sir Richard Pepper45
Auditors Report54
Addington John his Legacy56
Addington William nominated a Governor71
Approved on78
Auditors Minutes of Committee75
Their annual Report76
Names of Committee79
Artsmasters names of81
Acton John an Apprentice quits the Hospl83
AshJohn his Petition85
Advertisements for repairs Etc86
Auditors minutes of89
Their report89
Andrews Ann allowed a compensation103
Auditor Minutes of104
Advertisement for repairs Etc.108
Auditor Report113
Names of Committee121
Artsmasters names of123
Auditors minutes of131
Apothecary vacancy declared132
John Haslam Elected136
Atkinson Wm. appointed Slater138
Atkinson Jasper Junr. Esq Appointed a Govr 161
Apothecary Furniture and Linen to be Procurd 139
Aiseley Stephen Esqr. Nominated 16s & Elected a Govr.168.

Auditors Committee of, to consider of a
mode for discharging the large Debt
incurred by the Curables Fund

Association, Temple Bar & St. Pauls
Application to the Govrs. for Permiss
to be Trained & in the Quadrangle
of the Hospital. Complied with

Astle. Thos. Esqr. Nomd. a Govr.247
Assessed Taxes. The Conson of Postponed 261
Considered & to be paid287
Atkinson, Thos. Esqr. Nomd. a Govr.301.

Artsmasters & Apprentices. Motions &
Debates respecting

Reference to House Commee303
Atkinson. Thos. Esqr. Elected Govr.306

Artsmasters & Apprentices. Report of House
Commee respecting

Do. DoConsidered319

Fo Pa.

Artsmasters & Apprentices. Resolutions 323
Askew. Jno. Esqr. Asmd. a Governor328
Anstey. Arthur Esqr.

Antrobus Philip Esqr. Donation of 55
to Bethlem Reported

Nominated a GovernorDo.
Elected & Recd. Charge340
Askew, Jno Esqr. Elected & Recd. Chargedo.
Anstey, Arthur Esq.
Atkinson Jasper Esqr. Recd. Chargedo.
Atkinson Thos.
Astle Thos. Junr. Esqr.
Artsmasters Houses to be Repaired359

Lane Thos. Contract for doing
Repairs at 1529

Apothecary of Bethlem Gratuity to368
Allan Alexr. Peter Esqr. Extract from Will do.

Apprentices Rules and Reguls.
alterations made in them
not to take place till the
1 Augt. 1802

Auditors Report471

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