Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th July 1792 - 31st January 1800

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Image 378 of 37831st January 1800

Continued, Friday January 31st.. 1800 .

The Minutes of the Prison Committee, of the 8th. January Instant,
were read and confirmed.

Resolved that the consideration of the Minutes of the Prison
Committee of the 19th. November last, be further adjourned till the Court
after the Election of a Chaplain.

The Minutes of the Bethlem Committee of the 17th. January, Instant,
were read and confirmed, whereby it appeared;

That the Treasurer had appointed John Allen< no role > of Whitechapel ,
to be Turner to that Hospital:

And had ordered different Workmen and Tradesmens Bills to be
Paid, amounting to 1772..16..

The Court took into further consideration the Report of the House
Committee, respecting Artsmasters and Apprentices, and

Artsmars. & appentices
Artsmars. to be of Church
of England & Freemen.

Resolved, That every Artsmaster admitted into this Hospital
shall be a Member of the Church of England, as by Law established, and
a Freeman of the City of London.

Candidates to produce

Resolved that Candidates for the Office of Artsmaster shall
produce a Certificate of their Character, signed by three or more known
and responsible persons; and also a Certificate of their Settlement.

Petitions of Candidates
to be received by Comee.
& Comee. to report to Cot.

Resolved that the Petitions of Candidates shall be received by
the House Committee and that the Committee shall report to the Court
their Opinion of the Merits of the different Candidates, as Moral Men,
and as to their ability, as Men of Business.

Artsmars. to be allowed
House or Apartments
free of Rent & Taxes.

Resolved that every Artsmaster be allowed a House or Apartments
put into substantial Repair free of Rent and all Taxes at present w [..] ting
except the Income Tax.

To Covenant to keep same
in Repair.

Resolved that every Artsmaster do Covenant to keep the same in
Repair his own expence.

Committee to inspect

Resolved tha the House Committee with the Surveyor shall
regularly inspect the Artsmasters Houses once a Year or oftener

Artsmars. to Covenant
to receive as apprents.
such Boys as ordered.
Not to take any Boy
without consent of Comee.

Resolved that every Artsmaster shall Covenant that he will
from time to time take and receive into his Service as Apprentices, such
and so many Boys as shall be ordered by a Court or Committee. of Governors,
and as his House or Apartments will conveniently admit, but shall on no

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