Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Vijela Coat his Legacy of 250 named9

Wapping Estate Passage Ending from Wapping Short to King
Clement Street to be named were}

Whipberor Thomas Henry one of the Simmonds for next Election Feast11
William Charles Nathaniel a Governor14
Wright James to be first out Apprentice22
Williams Charles took his Charge24
his Benefication of 50 imported24
Williams Sarah her Benefaction of 50 reported96
Woodcross Robert appointed a Governor106
his Benefaction of 50 reported117
Watson Edward his Benefaction of 50 reported125
Preferred as a Governor125
Elected a Governor129
Weaver Richard appointed that Beadle143
Wymore Sir Watkin Williams chosen a Steward forward Election Feast146
Watson Edward took his charge148
William Uxbrain his Benefaction of 50 reported150
proposed as a Governor130

Wither's Forbes appointed end of the his Governors to be regards with
late Burden of Robert Eyres of Bridwell Precinct with respect to
the necessaries of the Reported and Paid from payment of Land Tax}

Wagland Philip Elected Porter's Man151
Willis William Elected Newman154
took his Lodgings164

Wilkins Beate Aldrs. his Legacy of 200 4 P Court reported166
Winsburly Thomas to be put out Apprentice167
Waring the Revd John Makis Benefaction of 50 to Incurable
Patients reported}

Weaver A: R Mr. Tho Like167
Weaving The Revd. John proposed as a Governors169
Whipham Thomas Saml his Benefaction of 50 reported170
proposed as a Governor170
Wyone Edward his Legacy of 50 reported171
Willings Thomas his Legacy of 100 reported171
Willis James Nominated a Governor173
Widmore John Trat The Like173
Woodhouse Francis The Ald173
Wyld Thomas Junr . The Like174
Wight The Revd Asborn The Like174
Weyland Mark The Like174
Wough Joseph The Like175
Wilson William The Like175
Williams Robert The Like176
Waring The Revd John A A Elected a Governor176
Whipham Thomas The Like176
Wyld Thomas Junr . Elected a Governor184
Wough Joseph Elected The Like184
Wighs The Revd. Osborn The Like185
Woodhouse Francis The Like185
Wilson John Feet The Like185
Wilson William Elected a Governor186
Willis James The Like186
Williams Robert The Like186
Weyland Mock The Like186
Wegg George Samuel Proposed as a Governor187
Williams Robert took his Charge171
Wilson William The Like171
Wight The Revd. Asborn The Like191
Woodhouse Francis The Like191
Whipham Thomas The Like171
Wagg George Samuel Eldd a Governor191
Williams Robert his Benefaction of 50 reported192
Wagg George Samuel took his Charge174
Worph Sharp The Like174
Witmore John Find The Like191
Warph Joseph his Benefaction of 50 reported196
Wegfred Rock took his Charge198
Wyld Thomas Servt. The Like198
Wight The Revd Roses his present of a Benefaction reported198
Woodock Edward his Benefaction of 50 reported200
Waring Tho Revd John took his Charge205
Woodward Elbersugh proposed as Spencer205
Willis Jones took his Charge209
Woodock Elborough Elected a Governor209
his Benefaction of 50 reported234

Walls David Pholis Benefaction of 50 reported 234
proposed as a Yorkman234
Wood Robert chosen a Steward for next Election Feast237
Wilson Williams The Like237
Women Richard Mr D The Like237
Woodhouse John Junr The Like237
Watter David Like Elected a Governor239
Wayland Stock his Benefaction of 50 reported241
Ward Benjamin his Benefaction of 50 Guineas reported242
proposed as a Governor242
Willis David Pike took his Charge249
Wome Benjamin Elected a Governor250
took his Charge254
Whitaker Thomas Elected Artsmaster256
Whiteside George Proposed as a Governor264
Weaver Richard Elected 3d Beadle265
Wayland Philip Elected 4th Beadle265
Wright Thomas Aldn Thomas Steward for most Election Feast266
Whiteside George Elected a Governor267
took his Charge271
Wilkins James to be part will Apprentice274
Wesley James The Like300
Willis Arbany appointed a Governor303
Wright James to be made free317
Westnock Elbar took his Tarys321
Wallis Albany The Like321
Women Charles Nominated a Governor327
Elected a Governor333
Willis The Revd. Doctor Francis Nominated a Governors336
Walton John Show a Steward for next Election Feast336
Willis The And Darber Frances Elected a Governor337
Walker Frader Nominated a Governor340
Woolfreys Jemina her Legacy of 100 reported345
Wright James to be inquired after for Francks Gift347
Wood Benjamin George to be part not Apprentice347
Ward John his Benefaction of 50 reported349
Nominated a Governor347
Wrouch Deputy Jacob appointed a Governor351
Wright James to be paid 10 Frances Gift353
Wood John Elected a Governor361
Walls John chosen Steward for next Election Feast364
Woodhouse Richard appointed Saint Clerk367
Ward John took his Charge369
Woodington William his Benefaction of 50 reported371
Nominated a Governor371
White Nathaniel to be part out Apprentice377
Woodington William took his Charge378
Watson Brooks Aldn Chosen Steward for next Election Feast388
Woodhouse Treas Chester Steward for next Election Dead388
Wright William to be made part339
Wodd Johnson appointed a Governor394
Wright [..] Watlers to be inquired after for Foster Gift396
to be paid at Mr. Fowkes Gift403

Whole Joseph his Benefaction of 50 reported and Nominated a Garner407
Wasterby Thomas to be made for409
Wodd Sokeman took his Charge410
White Joseph Esqr Elected a Governor423
Wright James to be required after for Mr. Lockes Gift433
to be paid 10 part Mr Lock's Gift421

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