Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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[..] with the Assistance of the Chester settled [..] Accords with
Terms of Alderman Thomas late Treasurer}

[..] John took his Charge30

Treasurer [..] the [..] possion of Aldn . Thomas in
in of 50 P A [..] Salary but Mrs. Thomas to [..] the same d [..]
[..] paying if any Rent John Alderman}

Thomas Thomas appointed a Governor72
took his Charge76
his Benefaction of 50 reported96
Thornton Godfrey his Benefaction of 50 reported125
proposed as a Governor125
[..] James chosen one of the Simonds for the next Election Ford146
Taylor Richard The Like146

The Richard appointed or of Sr Governor to [..] with Like
Number of Inhabitants of Bridewell Precinct with respect to his
[..] of the Hospital and Precinct have payment of Land Free}

Thompson Margaret to be ex [..] ed a [..] into Bethlem Hospital
[..] a Con [..] 3 [..] into a B [..] in the
Penalty of 40}

Thorpe Samuel appointed a Governor157
Th [..] John Doctor in Disorderly his Legacy of 100 reported170
Thorne John Nominated a Governor173
Townsend William The Like174
Talbot Charles The Like174
Topham John The Like175
T [..] Edward The Like175
Topham John Elected a Governor184
Townsend William The Like185
Tolbet Charles The Like185
Thorne John The Like186
Tu [..] Edward The Like187
Townsend James chosen Strand for next Election Feast188
Thorne John took his Charge191
Townsend William The Like191
Topham JohnThe Like191
Talot EdwardThe Like194
Thornton Samuel proposed as a Governor209
Elected a Governor217
took his Charge219
Turner John above a Steward for next Election [..] 237
Ta [..] ll The Revd. John appointed Elected a Governor239
Tompkins Joseph to be made free252
Tattersall The Revd. John took his Charge258
Tompkins Joseph to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift265
to be paid 10 Mr. Fowkes Gift268
Tebbs Benjamin proposed as a Governor290

Treasurer Mr. to propose fresh Securities his Suretys
being Lord}

To be Benjamin Elected a Governor298
Thompson Samuel his Benefaction of 50 reported299
Nominated a Governor299
Tudway Clement Chosen Steward for next Election Feast 300
Tebbs Benjamin took his Charge301

Treasurer Mr. [..] Proposal of the 19th June last to
be carried into Execution}

Thompson Samuel Elected Governor302
Tompkins Joseph to be inquired after for Locks Gift304
Johnson Edward to be made free305
Thompson Samuel took his Charge309

Townsend The Honourable John Thomas Nominated
a Governor}

Tompkins Joseph to be paid 10 Locks Gift311
Thompson George to be put out Apprentice311
[..] the Honble John Thomas Elected a Govr.313
Temple Richard Goodman Nominated a Govr344
Thompson Marmaduke appointed a Governor314
Temple Richard Goodman Elected a Governor317
Tomlinson Edwd. to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift 348
Talbot Charles took his Charge321
Temple Richd Godman his Benefaction of 50 reported 323
Tomlinson Edward to be paid 10 Fowkes Gift325

Tayting The Revd Nicholas his Legacy of 100 reported327
Todd Anthony Chosen a Steward for next Election F [..] t336
Townsend [..] yer The Like336
Tomlinson Edward to be inquired after for Mr. Locks Gift354
Till Richard Chosen Steward for next Fol [..] Ford360
Tomlinson Edward to be paid 10 Mr Lock's Gift365

Thomson Mr House Committee to consider whether and what part of the
[..] remaining in his Hands should be included in the [..] }

Thornton Henry his Benefaction of 50 reported385
Nominated a Governor385
Elected a Governor390

Treasurer Mr respecting be [..] in his Kinds Court a Governor at the

Mr Treasurer, William Chamberlayne Esqr give Notice that to [..]
the next General Court that the Treasurer [..] in [..] give Security to [..] and
that Notice of such Alderman be inserted in the [..] founds [..] }

Mr Treasurer on a Motion that he should purchase 4000 3 [..]
returned Back Christmas [..] Nominated}

to buy out 3000. in a [..] 3 per cent Bt.
An [..] or give security for 6000}

Reported that he had given directions for purchasing 3052 to
3 per Court returned B [..] }

Thomas [..] his Legacy of 50 Reported443
Test Thomas his Benefaction of 50 Reported444
Nominated a Governor444
Treasurer to given Security for 3000445
to have the next of the House in which be now resides 445
Reported that he had given directions for purchasing 1000 East [..] 446
Treasurer Auditor General and P [..] ter their House to be his on he first [..] 446
No in [..] to have a Salary or House at he repaired of the Reported450
Tradesman & Workmen how appeared and when to direction in their Bills456

giving any Chir [..] Box & be incapable of sureing the
Hospitals in Edward}

Treasurer the Duty458

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