Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Conting Thomas Elected Artsmaster11
Cow's RobertThe Like11

Cha [..] request respecting City Apprentices committed to
Bridewell having Buds rumpled with

Cocke Joseph his Legacy of 200 reported25
Croser Led his Benefaction of 100 reported31
Ceker Robert chosen one of the Stewards for next Election Feast46
Combedyne William appointed a Governor116
took his Charge117
his Benefaction of 50 reported117
Casar Robert to be put out Apprentice118
Cabull William to be put out Apprentice125
Caker Matthews to be made free121
Calow Benjamin The Like131
Carling Robert to be put out Apprentice131
Carling William Nominated a Governor141
Clerk Richard Treasurer his Benefaction of 100 reported142

Clerk Robert Trear appointed one of the 6 Governors to Co [..]
with the Martin of Inhabitants of Bridewell Precinct with respect
to the asumption of the Hospital and Precinct from Lord Tax

Clarke Henry Auditor Gentr. The Like150
Cabs Benjamin to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift167
to be paid 10 Mr. Fowke's Gift171
Collier William a Nominated a Governor173
Collier William Nominated a Governor173
Calsa Thomas Junr . The Like173
Chamberlayne Heynas The Like174
Comyn Robert The Like175
Cumberlodge Stephen Austin The Like175
Ceber Thomas The Like175
Count Nathaniel The Like175
Collier William Elected a Governor184
Cross Thomas Junr . The Like184
Clamberlayne Thomas The Like185
Comyn Robert The Like185
Cumberlodge Stephen Auston The Like186
Conant Nathaniel The Like186
Caker Thomas The Like186
Caster Thomas his Benefaction of 50 reported187
proposed as a Governor187
Comerthen The Margive of Proposed as a Governor188
Cake Howard chosen Steward for next Election Feast188
Collier William took his Charge191
Comerthen The Margive of Elected a Governor191
Coutts Thomas The Like191
Cattar William his Benefaction of 50 reported193
Comerthen Margive of his Benefaction of 100 reported195
Covenby Thomas appointed a Governor199
Calvent Nicholson proposed as a Governor199
Croper Thomas took his Charge205
Colent Nicholson Elected a Governor205
Cowet Nathaniel took his Charge209
Clements John proposed as a Governor210
Elected a Governor217
Cowley Robert proposed as a Governor217
Camberlodge Stephen Austin took his Charge224
Cowley Robert Elected a Governor224
Clements John took his Charge226
Cartio Timothy proposed as a Governor235
Calow Benjamin to be enquired after for Lock's Gift236
Clerk Richd. Aldn . chosen a Steward for next Election Feast237
Chambelaine Staines took his Charge239
Curtis Timothy Elected a Governor239
Carne Robert appointed a Governor240
Calow Benjamin to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift244
Cockman Henry to be put out Apprentice245
Crowshire Philip Wyat proposed as a Governor251
Elected a Governor254
Curtis Jeremiah proposed as a Governor255
Cawer Robert took his Charge258
Curtis Jeremiah Elected a Governor264
Chickens James the younger proposed as a Governor268
Elected a Governor272

Clements John his Benefaction of 50 reported272
Curtis Jeremiah took his Charge279
Cranke Peter his Benefaction of 50 reported279
proposed as a Governor280
Clements John his Benefaction of 50 reported280
Cranke Peter Elected Governor289
Crown The Mr. Honble Lord Chosen Steward for next Election Feast300
Coker John Chosen Steward for the Like300
Cope Thomas his Benefaction of 50 reported317
Nominated a Governor317
Collins Charles to be made free319
Craven The Right Honble Lord took his Charge321
Crowther Philip Wyat The Like321
Coker John The Like321
Comyn Robert The Like321
Cope Thomas Elected a Governor322
Crowther Richard his Legacy of 100 reported323
Crowther Bryan Elected Surgeon325
Cope Thomas took his Charge326
Comyers John Nominated a Governor327
Crooke Peter took his Charge329
Calvert Nicholson The Like329
Conyers John Elected a Governor333
Collins Charles to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift346
to be paid 10 Fowkes Gift352
Courtney The Revd. Doctor the Benefaction of 2 Guineas reported363
Carter Jeremiah Elected an Artsmaster363
Clerk Richard Woodhouse appointed a Joint367

Clerk John Woodhouse resigned his House referred to the House Comitte
what compensation shall be aboved him till a House is provided for him

Collins Charles to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift376
Clerk's HouseHouseCommittee to consider the Allocations made therein 380
Collins Charles to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift380
Caverley Thomas Chosen Steward for next Election Feast388
Clitherow James Junr . took his Charge390
Colnell William to be made free396
Cartide Bishop of His Benefaction of Two Guineas reported402
Calverley Thomas Junr . Nominated a Governor407
Colvell William to be enquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift408
Calvery Thomas Junr . Elected a Governor410
Colnell William to be paid 10 put of Mr. Fowkes Gift413
Calvarley Thomas Junr . took his Charge420
Curtis William Esqr Aldn . Nominated one of the Stewards for next Election Feast422
Caldwell William Esq: The Like422
Croft Thomas Esqr . The Like422
Collman William Joseph Nominated a Governor424
Elected a Governor443
took his Charge443
Charlow this Frankesome to be printed and a copy out to took Governor445
Clerk's Office all Books Etc in possen of any of the Officers to be reported lane445

Clerks Salary upon the first Vacancy to be reduced 8 to 200 a year & [..]
House his Charges for Lewis to be regulated by base of Sr. Brickll. Hospital and has
the reduction take place on the death of either of the present Clerks and has than be
no joint Clerk in future

Courts how many end when to be fulk443
Committees as to be made of Electing desired the 1793443
and their different Dukes449
Clerk at the April Court previous to the Election to Report Etc450
Committee Mirceles to be read at every Court Etc453
Clerk to orange all Book Records Etc and not to diver and out of the Hospl 454
Clerks of the Officers for proving with to be paid half a Guinea for each [..] 455
Contracts for provisons Etc above 20 her to be made456

Charity Boxes to have 2 difft. Locks to each one of the Keys to be kept
by the Treasurer and the other by the Clerk and other
and in whose personal to be opened

Court not to proceed on any Business unless 13 Governors present457

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