Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th April 1781 - 12th July 1792

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Bowing Josiah to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift 285
Begg Edward Proposed as a Governor290

Bethlem Hospital Brade Stephen to be examined without
[..] in doth the [..]

Bowing Josiah to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift291
Begg Edward Elected a Governor295
Birch George Chosen Steward for and Election Feast300
Batin John Ricd. took his Charge301
Begg Edward The Like301
Bowing John Elected a Governor303
Bethlem Matthew to be made free305
Bowing John Elected Governor309
Bowls George Nominated a Governor310
Birch Thomas to be put out Apprentice311
Brown Chery Elected Brown of the [..] 312
Bowls George Elected a Governor313
Bedwin Edward Daniel his Benefaction of 30 reported314
Baker John [..] his Benefaction of 50 Guineas reported314
Baker John Nominated a Governor314
Baker Edward Daniel Nominated a Governor314
Brown William to be made free315
Baker David Edward Elected a Governor317
Baker John Elected a Governor317
Bee Henry to be inquired for for Mr. Locks Gift317
Bateman Austin to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes's Gift 318
Baker John put his Charge321
Bowing Thomas The Like321
Baker Elected Daniel The Like321
Benwick William the Like321
Baford Richard The Like321
Burton Richard The Like321
Bush George his Benefaction of 50 reported323
Bay Henry to be paid Fowkes's Gift324
Bateman Matthew to be paid Mr Fowkes Gift324
Bowing John took his Charge326
Bethlem Hospital Steward Vacancy reported326

Burks The Lord Bishop of his Benefaction of Five
Guineas reported

Burgess William to be made free327

Bethlem Hospital Steward his Duty Laday and proposed to

Birch Thomas Mr. Craw Steward for and Election Feast336
Birch George The Like336
Birch Thomas The Like336
Bridwell Hospital Steward [..] Elected337

B [..] Jonathan [..] after

Brown Thomas his Benefaction of 50 reported340
Nominated a Governor340
Elected a Governor344
Burnas William to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift347
Brown James took his Charge344
Brown William Nominated a Governor349

Bar [..] Stafford his Legacy of 600 to [..]
Charles reported

Bethlem Hospital L [..] Woman Charge Davis's
and Ann [..] his Salary from [..] to be
15 Pr Annum in this of 10 Guineas

Burnas [..] to be paid 10 Fowkes Gift352
B [..] to be signed after for Mr. Locks Gift 355
Brown William Elected a Governor361

Bethlem Hospital Court [..] his [..] to
be Lord Mayor [..] and [..] for [..] the
Charles a [..] of a fine of Grant [..]
Apothecary Apartment for [..] 18 P Annum
fine but he and [..] of Ground he indirect for be as
after Apothecary

Bush George Chosen Steward for most Election Feast364
B [..] Charles to be paid 12 Mr. Lock's Gift365

Burgess John to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift366

Bethlem Hospital Apothecary a paid of Ground next his Born
to be [..] and his Apartment to be [..]

Bethlem Hospital the Surgeon to proposed Plan for the progressive

Burgess John to be paid 12 Mr. Fowkes's Gift372
Barnett William to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift377
Bush John took his Charge378

Brown Stafford Mr. Treasurer to [..] his Legacy of 600 in
the Founds

Barnes William to be paid 50 Mr. Lock's Gift380
Brewer John Elected a Governor385

Brickwell Robert Inhabitants their [..] respecting his being
accepted from Thomas referred to be [..]

Brown William his Benefaction of 50 reported392
Burgess John to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift395

Brickwell and Bethlem Hospitals [..] of to reported and chance
the [..] of the 25th. January 1735 the 11 Feby 1738. be & May 1736 to 4th.
9 May 1737 and he 30th. July 1738 for the [..] Management & Government
of their Hospitals

Bethlem Hospital Grand Committee to Report an respected made
to extent to Burgler and petition of Bethlem Hospl. to all the [..]
Lincoln's who upon the Grant [..] with their founds and
[..] for every of and [..] they have of an 12 weeks This
[..] proper [..] and petr. upon the Lord of [..]

Brickwell and Bethlem Hospitals [..] of all the Amenting Locks
and Orders for the Government of his Hospitals to be [..] and [..] sent
to each Governor

Bridewell Bethlem Hospitals Petr. Richd. Esqr . Alderman give which
this he should never at the most Grand Cord last as much of the Order of be 29th
May 1773 as in person be Timber to Fleet the House Committee to be Steward
and to [..] and that his President in [..] be improved
by [..] the House Committee with a [..] for be takenunder [..]
affair of her [..] and [..] he found of proud at such [..]
[..] of each [..] proved Court

Bridewell and Bethlem Hospitals Mr. Deputy Gabinet Lucky gave [..]
that he [..] not Grand [..] Earl that [..] if any Governor shall be
appointed a Elected into any other thing [..] with a Salary [..] and
be [..] immediately upon his Staff as a Governor being

Bridewell and Bethlem Hospitals Mr Deputy Gabriel Luck give other
that he shoul never at the next Ground Coat that in future not any other reviewing
a Salary from these Hospital shall be admitted a Governor thereof

Brigham [..] Ricd. Alderman his Benefaction of Two Guinea reported402
Burgess John to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift402
Bridewell Hospitals Porter of the Court given him408
Bland Robt. Mr. D. Nominated a Governor412
Blendon John his Benefaction of 50 reported413
Burdon Samuel his Benefaction of 50 reported421
Blandon John Nominated a Governor421
Brewer John Esqr . Nominated one of the Son made for next Election Feast422
Bearn James Hutchins Esqr . The Like422
Bribe Charles The LIke422
Baswick William Esqr . The Like422
Blandon John, Elected a Governor423
Bland Robt. Mr. D took his Charge444
Books of Edwards of [..] to be kept454
of Robs Orchist The Like454
[..] of Govrs. Benefaction & The Like454
of Hutchins [..] &454
of Cash [..] Legacies &454
Benefactions Legacies & has to be appointed455
Beadles and Porter's Man their Duty467
Barler his Duty476

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