Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th January 1762 - 15th March 1781

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Image 551 of 79425th March 1776

Continued Thursday 27th. June 1776.

Ward Sal Joseph< no role > to leave
an Addl. Term of 31 Yrs
in the Premises he holds
under the Hospl. to Commence
at the Expr. of his Present
Lean at Lady Day 1792

he laid out in reparing the said Premises 300.. and on 25th.
March 1776 the said Francis Wilson< no role > in consideration of his Love and
Affection for your Petitioner and as a compensation for his long and
faithful Services did give Grant and Assign over the said Premises to your
petitioner for the Remainder of the said TermThat the said Francis
< no role > soon after died having made his Will and thereby Appointed your
petitioner one of his ExecutorsThat the said premises are now greatly out of
Repair and your petitioner has lately had a survey made of the Expence of
Reparing the same and making many alternations therein the Expence whereof
According to such Estimate onwards to 958.6s the partculars whereof
are hereunto annexedThat there are only 16 years unexpired in Your
Petitioners Present Lease Your Petitioner therefore humbly Prays your
Worships will be placed in consideration of his agreeing to lay out a large
Sum of Money which will amount to at least 1000 to Grant him on
Additional Term of 31 Years to commence at the Expiration of his
Present Lease Vizt. from Lady Day 1792 and your Petitioner shall
ever pray Joseph Ward< no role > Estimate for sundry Alternations at Mr.
Wards dwelling House and House adjoining ditto Eastward at Charing Cross
Dwelling House. To take in the opening where the privy Etc. is to
the back Rooms and make every things complest in the Inside lay new
Floors in Garrets, 2 Pair & 1 Pair back Rooms Alter the Windows in front
Room 1 Pair put in new sashes Etc. and Build a Kitchen Etc. in Yard
and Privy in ditto House Eastward To take down the Old
Stair Case Alter the Rooms behind ditto alter the Roof fix a new flatt &
Sky light and new Stairs the Walls Stucco'd all down to a Forus
Skinling and Rooms common Lath and Plaister Fix a new Shop front
and finish the shop and parlour behind ditto alter the Windows fix
new Sashes Francis Etc. in front Rooms one pair Build a back
Parapel and repair the House all through dig Drains Etc. in Cellar
Story and make good Floor in ditto and Erect a Kitchen Privy Etc. in Yard
All the above mentioned Works will Amount to the Sum of nine
Hundred & Fifty eight Pounds six Shillings This Court having
duly weighed and considered the said petitioner doth Order that upon
the said Joseph Wards laying out the Sum of 1000 in substaintially
Repairing and Altering the said two Houses as mentioned in the said
Estimate under the directions and to the Satisfaction of the Surveyor of
these Hospitals for the time being he shall have an Additional Term of
31 Years to Commence at the Expiration of his present Lease Vizt.
Lady Day 1792.

Mr. Deputy Fouch one of the governors reported that in
Pursuance of an Order of Court of the 18th. April 1776 he had made

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