Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Continued to Wed. 28th. October 1761


Letitia Martin< no role > P Mr Aldr Challenor being Charged on the Oath of Danl.
< no role > for being on Idle Disorderly & Common Night walker
having no Visible way of living.

And to have no
more than they

Jane Rules< no role >


Sarah Apper< no role > }
P Sir Robt. Ladbroke< no role > being Charged on the Oath of
Mathew Swift< no role > & Wm. Same< no role > for being Severally Apprehended
in a house of Ill fame & for being Disorderly Persons & Comon
Night Walker & giving no good Account of themselves and
having no Visible way of living

Old Prisr. dd

George Field< no role > P Ld. Mayor

At this Court the Vacancy of a Surgeon of these Hospitals was declared in
the room of Mr Charles Wheelor< no role > deceased. And the Election will be his day
Sevenight & to be so Incerted in the Tickets

Order for sd a Fem he
Imgeton [..] of fees
[..] patients & Condition
of Beard to he & varied

Where as by AncientCustom the Surgeon of these Hospitals hath
been paid for the Cure of any Woun'd which the Lunatick Patients had received
at the time of their Admission in to Bethlem Hospital by Such Patients And in
the Condition of the Bonds given on be half of the same Patients a Clause
hath been Incerted fot payment of such Money as shou'd become due to
the said Surgeon or as he shoud reasonably required for the Care of such Wound
It is Orderd That Ten pounds a Year be paid out of the Revenues of
Bethlem Hospital to the sd. Surgeon over & above his Present Salary In his
of the payment made to him by the Patients as aforesaid And that the said
Clause heretofore Incerted in the Conditions of the said Bonds shall for be further
be Comitted.

Bossome Cha Apprent.
to be Conected before

Order'd That Charles Bossom< no role > (Apprentice to Sparshott) Receive the
Correction of this House before the rest of the boys and sent back to Mathew's hole
till he Consents to go to Sea.

Charges Gwenton
Wm. Addington Esqr
Mats. Howard Esqr
Mr Tho Wilkinson
Rd. Popps and
Mr. Thos. Elton

At this Court the Charge was read to the following Gentleman Vizt.
William Addington< no role > Esqr. Mathew Howard< no role > Esqr. Mr. Thos. Wilkinson< no role > Mr.
Richard Pepys< no role > and Mr. Thos. Elton< no role > .

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