Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 412 of 43130th July 1761

Continued Thrusday 30th. July 1761. Bung Election Day

Punstrd. & dd

138 Smith Sarah< no role >
139Murry Mary< no role > }
Committed Yc. 25 July 1761 By My Lord Mayor
On the Oath of William Rayne< no role > for being a
Comon Night Walkers Strolling in ye Streets
& Picking Up Men last Night & being loose
Idle & disorderly Persons


140Cartor Ann< no role >


141Parker Mary< no role >


142Smith Eleanor< no role > }
Committed ye 25 July 1761. By Ditto
On the Oath of William Payne< no role > This name instance is in set 2582. for being
took Picking Up Men in the Street last
Night & being loose, Idle & disorderly
Persons Comon Night Walkers & Old Offendrs


143Roberts Sarah< no role >

Took Homely
Here nother

144And Ann< no role > }
Committed ye. 27 July 1761. By. Ditto
On the Oaths of John Bye< no role > & Jno Hanson< no role >
for being disorderly Persons Cursing & Swearing
Yesterday in the Parish of St. Ann in Black
Fryers during the Time of Divine service Rasing
a Mob there


145Bowen Mary< no role > Committed by. Fras. Cockayne< no role > Esqr. Aldmr. on the
27 July 1761. On the Oath of Jno. Knapton< no role >
Constable in White Fryers for being an Idle &
Disorderly Person & a Comon Night Walker
Apprehended in Ashen Tree Court Picking Up
Men between One & two o Clock Yesterday Morn
she Having No Visible way of liveing nor giveing
a good Account of Herself


146Griffeild William< no role >
Committed ye8 July 1761. On the Oath of Mrs. Mary
< no role > of CrookedLane Widow His Mistress for
Misbehaveing Himself on Her Service Absenting
Himself therefrom without Her leave & disobey
Her Lawful Command & for being a loose Idle &
Disorderly Person

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