Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 407 of 4313rd July 1761

Continued Fryday 3 July 1761

Arthur Newit< no role > Adjoyning the High Road leading from London to Wa [..]
Cross East being Pare of the Possessions of Bethlem Hospital & such
Part asis Requird being Measurd in ye Presence of ye Commee if ye
said Hospitals Appears to be One fourth Part of An Acre for wch. the
said Trustees have offered to give & doe Here by Promise & Agree so pay
to Jno Wallington Esqr Treasurer of the said Hospitals the sum
of Four in Pounds in full for the Absolute Purshare of the Fee
Temple & Inhere dance of the said fourth art of An Acre of Land
& also to make & Plant at their Own Expence a Hedge of Quick
to Presurer the Same at their Own Expence for Ton Years

This Commee Haveing Considered the said proposals are
of Opinion the same is Reasonable & Doe Approve thereof
W [..] is Nevertheless Submitted to ye Judgment of the Court

[..] Cross Sale
Confirmd & Ordered to
be Make to ye Trustees

This Court Having duely Weight & Considerd the
said proposals Doth Confirm the sameAn order a
Sale to be Made Accordingly

Inny Wm. Orderd
Lease for It is House
in Limestreet Square

Upon Realing a Report from the Common of this Hour
Dated 17. June 1761. Signd John Wallington< no role > Esqr. Treasurer
Edward Turrand< no role > Esqr. Mr. Saml. Beard< no role > Mr. Henry Rank< no role >
Joseph Vere< no role > Esqr. & Mr. Robt. Gamon< no role > as follows Vizt
In Pursuance of An Order of Court the 26 February
Last Wm Was Referrd to this CommitteThe Petition
of William Innys< no role > of Limestreet Square , Mercht. Was
ConsiderdThat He now proposes to take a Lease of His
House in Wr. He Now lives in Limestreet Square No. 5
for 21 Years from Michelamas 1759 to pay 30 P Annr
Clear of Taxes with the Usual Covenants & to lay Out
Two hundred Pounds in Substantial Repairs Under
the Inspection of the Hospitals Survey or within One
Year & the Survey or to take a Schedule thereof

Whereupon this Commee Haveing duely Weighd
& Considerd the said proposals are of Opinion to Accept
of the Same Wr. is Nevertheless Submitted to ye Judgment
of the Court & It is orderd this Opinion be Reported
to ye Court

This Court Having Duely Weight & Considerd the said
Report Dorn Confirm the SameAnd it is Ordered that
a Lease be ma be Accordingly

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