Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Continued Thursday. 4 June 1761


Welch Mary< no role > Committed 10. April 1761. By Aldn. Bridgen on the Oath
of Saml. Sayers< no role > a Watchman in Bishopsgate Ward for being a
loose and disorderly Person & a Common Night Walker
Apprehended by & in Stroling About the said Ward
At An Unseasonable Time last Night & not giving Any Account
of Herself nor Having any Visible Way of Living


Horton Frances< no role > Committed 10 April 1761 By Sr . Matt Blackeston< no role > & Lord Mayor
on the Oath of In Jno Slack< no role > Clerk to Mr Tho Lord< no role > Coal Mercht
at White Fryors on Suspicion of Pilfering Several Small Pretts
of Coals from a Lighter at White Fryers Wharfe & for being
a loose & disorderly Person

To be Contind. a Week
tin Mr. Cusle Inquire
after the March Hospital at ye Excharge
& Any Money Can be got to Pap Wlm
to His Parish Sheps Name Wm. & Elizth
Capt Darkins

Mr. Donald Rowley< no role > Committd 28 April 1761By Aldm. Cockayne On y2
Oath of Jno Johnson< no role > for Wandering Abroad & begging this
day in the Parish of St. Mary Le Bow


Powell Johanna< no role > Committd 1. May. 1761. By Sr. Richd. Glyn< no role > Bt. On the Oath of
Tho Higgs< no role > the Church Warden & Joseph Packer< no role > the Mastr. of the
Workhouse of the said Parish with being An Idle & disorderly Person
Makeing away wth the Cloaths provided for Her by the sd. Parish
& otherwise greatly Misbehaving


Grey Sarah< no role >


Watson Margret< no role > }
Committed 4 May.. 1761. By Aldn. Chitty On ye. Oath of Jno Harper< no role >
Constable in Stationers Ally Ludgate Street for being loose Idle
& disdorely Persons & Common Night Walkers not Having
Any Visible Way of living nor giving a good Account
of themselves being both Apprehended loitering About at
Creed Lane End on Ludgate Street & Picking up Men


Moor Margaret< no role >


Ashley Rebeccah< no role > }
Committed 5 May. 1761. By Sr . Matthew Blackeston< no role > & the Lord Mayor
On the Oath of Willm. Waller< no role > for being loose Disorderly Persons
& Making great Disturbance last Night in ye Ward of

Pun & dd49.

Bowman Sarah< no role >

Dd 50

Turvey Sarah< no role > }
Committed 5 May 1761. By Aldm. Beckford on the Oath of
Edwd. Thorp< no role > Constable in Black Fryers & Theophelus Jno
< no role > of Islington Stationer for being both loose Idle &
Disorderly Persons & Common Night Walkers being both
Apprehended in an House in Black Fryers the said Sarah
Bowman being in Bed with the Apprentice of the said Cardegay
they Haveing No Visible Way of living, nor giving a good
Account of themselves


Boyce Hannah< no role > Committed 6 May. 1761. By Sr . Frans Gosling< no role > [..] .on ye
Oath of Edmd. Chauntrel< no role > Beadle of Cripplegate Ward
Within for being an Idle & disorderly Person Apprehended
Making a great Riot & Disturbance in the said Ward on
Saturday Night last

Dd. 56

Smith Sarah< no role > }
Committed 6 May 1761. By Sr . Francis Gosley< no role > [..]
On the Oath Tho Pearsall< no role > Constable for being a loose Idle
& disorderly Person & Comon Night Walker Apprehended
Stroleing About Ludgate Street & Fleet Ditch in Order
to Pick Up Men they Haveing No Visible Way of living
Nor giving a good Account of themselves

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