Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 392 of 43126th February 1761

Continued Thursday 26th. Febry. 1761

That the said Wm. Daniel< no role > in pursuance of such Contract & Order paid
the said Fine of and laid out the Sum of 133.0..0 & upwards in the
repairs of the premisses so to be Demised But before that the sd. Agreement
was Carried further into Execution in respect of Executing the said Lease Order'd
as aforesaid the sd. Wm. Daniel became a Bankrupt and a Comission of of Bankrupt
under the Great Seal of Great Britain bearing date the 9th. day of Febry last hath been
Awarded and Issued against the said Wm. Daniel and he hath been duly found &
declared a Bankrupt And your Petitioner Catherine Daniel< no role > has been chosen
the Sole Assignee of the said Backrupts Estate And an Assignment hath been
made thereof to her AccordinglyAnd praying the Governors will be pleased
to Grant a Lease of the said premes to a New Tenant to be procured by year
Petitioner for the Remainder of the Term now to comeThis Court doth Order
that a Lease be made of the said premisses to Mr. Hugh Humston< no role > for the
Remainder of the said Term instead of being made to the sd. William Daniel

Innys Williams
Petition for New
Leawin Limestreet
Square Referd to
the Comee

Upon Reading the humble Petition of William Innes< no role > of Lymestreet Square
London Merchant as follows Vizt.

That at a Court held the 19th. July 1749 the Petitioner Agreed with Your
Worships for a Leases of a house in Lymestreet Square (No. 5 ) from Michas 1749
for 11 Years at 51 P Ann which Expire at Michas 1760.

That the Petitioner proposes to take a New Lease of the said house to
Comence from Michas last for 11. or 21 Years at 21 P Ann. rent clear of Taxes
payable Quarterly at the Compting house of Bridewell Hospital and to lay out
300.. in repairs and to Execute a Counter part of such Lease And in Case
of Notice in Writing of either side One Year before the Expiration of the first
11 Years theresiduor of he Term to Cease And praying a Lease Accordingly
This Court doth Order that the said Petition be referr'd to the Comittee of this
House to Consider thereof And to Report their Opinion thereon to the Court

Smith James
Petition for 100

Upon Reading the humble Petition of James Smith< no role > of Bridewell Hospital Citizen and-
Weaver as follows Vizt.

That the Petitioner has been one of Your Worships Artsmasters for 23 Years & has-
brought up a great many of Apprentices & has had very Seldom less than 6. or 8 at one
time, and thro, that longer Period of time hopes to has Demeaned himself year Worships

That Mr. John Burnham< no role > deceased late one of Your Worships Artsmasters had the
Honour of being Ribbon Weaver to his late Majesty And the Petitioner by the favour and
Recomendation of the Worshipfull the President Treasurer & Auditor General & Several
other Worthey Governors of this Hospital has been lately Appointed Ribbon Weaver to the
Present Majesty, And having Imediate Occasion for a Summ of Money to buy
Silk there being now a very great Call for Ribbons Silk in Warr time being
always dear.

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