Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 382 of 43110th December 1760

Bridewell & Bethlem
Hospitals London}

At a Court holden at the said Hospital of Bridewell
on Wednesday the 10th. day of December 1760

Sir Richard Glyn< no role > Knt . & Bart . President
John Wallington< no role > Esqr Treasurer

Robert Henshaw< no role > Esq Mr Robert Gamon< no role > Mr Saml Read< no role >
Joseph Vere< no role > Esqr Dr. PikarnMr Wm Rogers< no role >
Mr. Henry Hall< no role > Mr Saml. Bates< no role > Henry Kynaston Southouse< no role > Esqr .
Edward Ferrand< no role > Esq Edwd. Umfreville< no role > Esq John Lock< no role > Esq .
Mr. Wm. Kinleside< no role > Sir John Morgan< no role > Chas. Henry Talbot< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Joseph Cook< no role > Mr. Thos. Wyld< no role > Edwd. Row Mores< no role > Esqr
Doctor Robinson

dd. 72

Stevens Mary< no role > Comitted 28. July 1760 P Sir Thos. Chitty< no role > Knt on the
Oath of John Leafield< no role > a Watchman of St. Brides for being a loose
Disorderly Person & Comon Night Walker picking up Men
on Ludgate hill .

dd 73

Poland Mary< no role >


Allen Ann< no role > }
Comitted 4th Augst. 1760 P Do. on the Oath of
Thomas Smith< no role > for being loose Disorderly Persons
& Comon Night walkers & making great Disturbance
in the Night time


Warren Mary< no role > Comd. 13th Augt. 1760 P Do. on the Oath of
Thomas Jewson< no role > Churchwarden of Saint Margt. New Fish
Street for being a loose Disorderly Person & Defrauding him of
Several Sums of Money by false pretences.

dd. 79

Batchetter Mary< no role > Comd 13th Augt 1760 P Sir Fras. Gosling< no role > on the
Oath of Mary Brayan< no role > for being an Idle & Disorderly
Person & Suspected of Pilfering a Tea Kettle of
Small Value


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