Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 367 of 43118th April 1760

Continued Friday 18th. April 1760

dd. 22.

Smith Mary< no role > Comitted 10th. March 1760 being Charged on the
Oath Thos. Nicholas< no role > for being above idle Disorderly Persons
common Night walker Apprehended at an Unseasonable
house this Morning on Ludgate hill picking up Men & having
no Visible way of living.

dd. 28

Parsons Eliz< no role > . Comitted 11th. March 1760 P Mr. Aldr Alexander on the
Oath of John Lewis< no role > a Watchman in Castle baynard Ward for
making a great Disturbance between 12 & 1. o' Clock this Morning
in Creed lane & being a known & Comon Night Walker & having
no Visible way of living.

Contd. to be Examined

if with Child}
29. Floyd Eliza< no role > .
30 Wood Susannah< no role > }
Comitted 17th. Mar 1760 P Mr Aldrn Gossing being
Charged on the Oath of Moses Barnard< no role > & Cornelious
< no role > for being loose Idle and Disorderly persons & making
a great Disturbance in the Streets about one o' Clock this Morning
& being Comon Night Walkers.

dd 31

Poland Mary< no role > Comitted 17th. March 1760 P Do. being Charged on the Oath of
James Tollman< no role > one of the Patrole of the Ward of Farringdon without &
Elias Cherry< no role > Constable of Walbrook Ward with being a loose disorderly
Person & Comon Night walker

dd. 33.

Harding Rachl< no role > . Comd. 27th. Mov P Mr. Aldr. Nash being Charged on the Oath
of John Dodd< no role > Cheesemonger for being an Idle Disorderly Person &
Suspected of pilfering a peice of Bacon of Small Value

Contd. 34.

Preston Rebecca< no role > Cond8th. April 1760 P Sir Saml. Fludyer< no role > being
Charged on the Oath of John Davies< no role > Constable in Billingsgate Ward
for being a Disorderly person & Comon Night Walker & not giving
a good Account of herself


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