Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 363 of 4317th February 1760

Bridewell & Bethlem
Hospitals London}

At a Court holden at the Sd. Hospital of
Bridewell on Thursday the 7th. day of Febry 1760

Sir Mathw. Blakiston Knt

The Right Worshipfull Sir Richd. Glyn< no role > Knt. & Bart. Presidr.

Sir Wm. Stephenson< no role > Knt

John Wallington< no role > Esqr. Treasurer

Sir Chas. Asgill< no role > This name instance is in set 2385. Knt

Willm. Sitwell< no role > Esqr. Audr. General

Mr. Aldr Scott

The Rt Honble. The Ld. FoleySr. John Phillips< no role > Bart Mr. Depry. Bridgman
Mr. Geo. Blakiston< no role > Mr. Robt. Pott< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. Mr. Wm. Kinleside< no role >
Mr. Edwd. Berwick< no role > Mr. Richd. Reily< no role > Mr. Robr Elliott< no role >
Mr. Depty MaleDr. RobinsonEdwd. Umfreville< no role > Esq
Mr. Joseph Cook< no role > Hamd. Cross< no role > Esq John Willis< no role > Esq
Mr. Richd. Sawle< no role > Mr. Geo. Verney< no role > Mr. Wm. Hussey< no role >
John Probyn< no role > Esqr Mr. John Perkins< no role > Mr. Depty. Vincent
Mr. Henry Crank< no role > Mr. Wm. Tyser< no role > John Tuff< no role > Esqr
John Lock< no role > Esqr Doctor BattieJos. Vere< no role > Esqr.
Mr. John Saffrey< no role > Richd. Lester< no role > Esqr S Seawell Esqr
Danl. Lambert< no role > Esqr Mr. John Lane< no role > Mr. Robt Gamon< no role >
Mr. Phil. Bromfield< no role > Mr. Saml. Reed< no role > Mr. Edwd. Ferrand< no role >
Thos. Sergisson< no role > Esq Mr. HallifaxSr. John Morgan< no role >
Chas. Henry Talbot< no role > Esq DoctorMonroMr. Thos. Wyld< no role >
Mr. Branston Seawell< no role > Randolph Took< no role > Esq Stepn. Comyn< no role > Esqr.
Henry Kynaston Southhouse< no role > Esqr Mr. Chas. Hoyle< no role > Richd. Roman< no role > Esq
Mr. Joseph Eyre< no role > Mr. ParrSr Thos. Harrison< no role >
Edwd. Jennings< no role > Esqr Wm. Bragg< no role > Esq Mr. Danl. Fox< no role >
Mr. Roger Altham< no role >

Williams South by Wm.
to be sent on board of a Man of [..] }

Order'd that William Southby Williams< no role > Apprentice to Thomas
< no role > Shoemaker (with Consent of each party) be sent on board of
one of his Majestys Ships of Warr.

Weite Mr. Robert dd
[..] of Bridewell
his Securitys preposed}

At this Court Mr Robert Waite< no role > lately Elected Steward of this Hospt.
proposed Francis Flower< no role > of Green Lettice lane Common street
Esqr. and Mr. John Dring< no role > Ironmonger in Cornhill to be his Securitys
Order'd that it be referr'd to the Comittee of this House to Enquire into
their Ability & make their report to the next Court.

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