Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 4 of 43122nd May 1751

AbdySl Autho. reced lud Charge4
Afflect John Esqdo4
Accounts the Ballancesto Xmas17504

AdamsRichd. Esqr. Recorder of London Elected
Govr. by the Court

Apothecarys Shop to be filled up9
Acton Oliver Stewd of Bridewell his Securitys apprend 15
Artsmaster to be Ellected21
Apothecary Winder John Ellected6
AlexanderWm. Esq El. Govr27
reced his Charge31
Allwright. John to be put Appn31
Arnold. Jas to have 10 Locks Gift35

Andre Antho. his Lease in Lime street Square (No. 6)
to be for 21 years Certain

Acton Oliver Stewd. of Bridewell Suspended46
doto make up his Accounts & Pr Ballance0 [..]
Accounts the Ballances to Xmas 175163
Allamby Jas. to have 10. Locks Gift87

Armitt. Mary Lycence to Under lease to Masterman
& Peacock Bridewell Precinct (No. 35

Advertisement Bred. Precinct ground (No.1.2) to be
taken a building Hase

Anthony Edwd. to be Apprentice110

Apethocary Bathem Hospl. Application to be
made to the City for leave for leave for
a door way in London Wall

Accounts the Ballance to Xmas 1752120
Auditors Report about the Accots. 1752121
Arbuth not Ann Pet for a New Lease Wapp 22) refd.135
Adamson Benjn. Esq Elected a Governor142
Reced his Charge169
Affidt. Workman at Oath to their bills Repeald.147
Arbuth not Ann Petn for a New Lease Wapp No. 22d & 23d) Refd. 161
Ashton Charles Elected Porters man171
Askew DoctorNominate a Governor
confirm'd 183 Reced his Charge 197
Arose Mr. Robert Nomd. a Grovernor177
Confirm'd 185 reced his Charge200
Apprentices Riot a Barthow. fa [..] referr'd194
Alsop Mr. Alderman resign'd the Office of Treasurer 198

doThanks of the Court for the Diligent Discharge
of the Office of Treasurer

Apprentices Disorder Reported(to 206)
Varied in210

Artsmasters Dulydo210203
Apprentices Dutydo210204

Alsop Mr Alderman to Settle his Accounts
pay Ball of Cash in his hands & deliver Keys of
Great Chest & Poore box to Mr. Trear

Accounts the Ball Xmas 1754213

Artsmasters Advertismt. Petre to be Publish'd days before [..] 206

doComee to [..] their appartmt & Report what Condition
their find the same

Artsmaster Candidates Names [..]
have Applied to the Comee [..]

doArticles & Cards family Etold
into by them Refd. to Comittee

doto be published 11 days before
A [..] any Election

Artsmasters Candidated Names who being
Applied to the Comee after [..]

Allen Wm. to be free 237

Artsmasters no Persons to be Candidates
who has [..]
to his Trader

Alsop Mr. Aldn. desired to Transfer Stocks
in his Name to Presidt. Trear [..] Audr Genl

Artsmasters New Articles to be Enter'd into 269

Ayliffe Jos. Esqrd. his resignation of his
Office of Audr. GenlD [..] of [..]

Auditor Genl. Vacancy declared260
Accounts the Ball to Xmas 1755267
Arter Richd. to be A [..] 260

Arthur Ann to be Admr. a patient into
Bethlem Hospl upon paving 200 [..]

Andre Anthony Surrr. of a Lease
Lyme street Square (No.6
to [..] } 282

Ar [..] Mrs. Ann Lycence to assign
houses at Wapping No 23 [..]

Archer. Hus. Petr. Lease Houses St Martins
lane Char X No. 6) [..]

Addington Mr Wm Nomind Governt. 364.
Bille Recd Mischarge387.
Abington Mr Depy. Nomind Governt 364.
[..] Ricd His Charge370
Allan Alea [..] Mr nomd Governt. 365
DittoRecd His Charge382
Auditors of Accounts 1761378

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