Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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Image 443 of 52419th July 1749

Continued Wed 19th. July 1749

Bethlem Cloathing vary'd as
to Shirts & Shoes}

Upon Reading a Report from the Grand Comittee of Bethlem Hospital dated 15th.
and (by Adjournment) 22d. June 1749 under the hands of Edward Holloway< no role > Esqr . Trear
Dr . Richard Rawlinson< no role > Thos. Carew< no role > Esqr . Mr. Deputy Child. Mr. Barnaby Backwell< no role >
and Mr. Saml. John< no role > as followsIn Pursuant of an Order of Court the 1st. of
June last This Comittee Examined the Samples of the Cloaths and Bedding for the Patients
in Bethlem Hospital And on Reconsidering the same are of Opinion that the Cloth for the
Mens Shirts & Womens Shifts is to a Narrow and that for the future they shou'd be made
of a wider Cloth According to the Sample now laid before them and that instead of 3s.
the Staward shall be allowed 3/6 for eachThey find the Sample of Mens Shoes
very Slight and are of Opinion that for the the future they shou'd be made Stronger According
to a Sample now Produced and that instead of 3/3 the Steward shall be Allowed 3/6
a pairAnd as they do not find any thing else Improper The Trear & Several of
the Comittee put their bals to the New Samples of Shirts Shifts & Mens Shoes and also
to the rest of the Samples of Cloathing and Beading All which is Nevertheless Submitted
to the Judgement of the Court And it is Ordered that this Opinion be Reported to the


next CourtThis Court being Acquainted by Sevl. of the Comittee That
after the said Report was Agreed to They had made further enquiry as to the Value of
the sample Cloth reported Proper for the Patients Shirts & Shifts and do find that instead
of 3/6 there wou'd be a reason able Profit to the Steward of 3/2 each and that he is
Contented with that priceIt is therefore Ordered that for the future The Steward
may take 3/2 for a Shirt & 3/6 for a pair of Mens ShoesAnd that the rest of the
prices for the Mens Cloathing be as was Ordered by the Court the 18th. of May 1748
And that an Account of the said Prices be Printed Accordingly & Setup in the said
Hospital where the Comittee shall direct and that a Copy be given to the Securities
for the Patients on their Admission

PerrinPeter< no role > This name instance is in set 2907. Appd to
Burnham To be sent to
the Hempblocks }

Mr. Burnham Complained of his Apprentice Peter Perrin< no role > This name instance is in set 2907. for that he has run away
Sevl. times and entires the other Apprentices to do the same & in other respects is a very
bad Apprentices It is Ordered That the said Peter Perrin< no role > This name instance is in set 2907. be sent to the Hempblocks
to hard Labor and that he eats no more than he earns and that none of the Apprentices
in this Hospital be Suffered to come to him

Artsmasters to [..] Appr
in Chappell [..] Etc.}

In Pursuance of an Order of last Court all the Arts masters Attended (Except Sutton
< no role > who is out of Town) to Answer their Neglect of going to Chapple with their Apprentices
and being called in and heard what they had to say they withdrew And the Court Considering
the Matter is of Opinion that Several of the Artsmasters have been remiss in that part of their
Duty and that they shou'd be reprimanded by Mr. President for their said NeglectAnd
it is Ordered that for the future all the Artsmasters in this Hospital Shall be Obliged to
follow their Apprentices from their respective Appartments to the Chapple and set them in
their places every Sunday & the three Statute Holyday Vizt the 30th. Janry 29th. May & 5th Novr.
before Divine Service begins (and that the Beadle (who shall be sexton for the time being)
do stand at the Door of the Chapple with a List of the Arts masters Names and the Number
of each Mans Apprentice and Mark how many Masters & Apprentices are Absent &
lay an Account thereof every Month before the Comittee of this House who may
make such Order therein as they shall think proper & in extraordinary Cases to Report
to the Court

Window TaxSteward to
Pay the rate settled by
the Judges}

Upon Reading the Case of the Officers Artsmasters and Servants of this Hospital who had
been assessed by way of Sixcharge by Mr. Thos. Brooks< no role > Surveyor of the Window Lights for their
Appartments in this Hospital amounting in the whole to 23.5.9 And the Determination of
the Comrs. thereon at Guild Hall the 8th. of Febry 1748 Upon the Appeal by Oliver Acton< no role > Steward
of this Hospital on behalf of himself and the rest of the said Officers and Servant that
the Appellants are Over rated and ought to be relievedAnd also the Opinion of all
the Judges Except the two Lord Chief Justices on the said Case Specially Stated the 7th day
of June last That the Appellants are not Over rated in & by the said Assesment and
Six chargeAnd upon the humble Application of Mr. Taylor behalf of himself
and the rest of the said Officers, Artsmasters and Servants It is Ordered That the
Steward of this Hospital do pay the said rate of 23.5.9 to be Allowed him in his
next Account,


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