Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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PryseMr. SearsNoiated a Govr183
confirmed 192 reced his Charge254
PhillipsRobt Esqr Noiated a Govr183
confirmed 192 reced his Charge212
PickeringJoseph Esqr Noiated a Govr184
confirmed 192 reced his Charge250
PerkinsMr. JohnNoiated a Govr184
confirmed 192 reced his Charge218

PriceRichadPorter a Gratuity of 22
Ordered him

PhillipsFr Jno Benj Noiated a Govr245
Paircasto be done at the little Gate235
PhillipsSr . Jno Borrt. noiated his Charge254
Preats [..] What is Art [..] 257

PiceRichard Porter a Gratuity of 121
Ordered him

Reseaners to be Sent to Sea the Steward to Presit
Proper Cloathing for them

PetteriWm a Prisoner to be Sent to Sea264

Patson Has Bite for Lease of a House of
Cath X (No 6) referred

Perria Peter To be Appr271

PrisonerGolthingRobt & Etcherd John to be
seat to the London Workhouse

PeterEdwstTo be Appr283
Poiaker Robts.do285
PiceSt Porter a Gratuity of 22 ordered him293

President Vacancy destoied on the death of
Sr . Robt Willimott

doWm Bean Esqr . Lord Mayor Elected362

Persons [..] Wm Porkers for Lease of Worehosue
taken Bethlem Esqr

PoosterJeo Bracham To be free309
PigetThosTo be Appr309
PiceRd Porter or Gratuity of 20 Gas condestion323
Patlant Robt To be appr324
Pinder Sir BertumTo be empired after for
Late Gift
doTo have 10 Lacks Gift329

Parsons Mr. To have Lease of a Workhouse
mater the East of the them (No 23)

ParsleyNoiamatakeTo be free340
doTo be injured after for Lecks Gift344
doTo have 10 Lacks Gift349
PopeMr. JohnNoiated a Govr.329
confirmed 382 reced his Charge387
PottMr RobtNoiated a Govr359
confirmed 352 reced his Charge357
PersonerThos Esqr Noiated a Govr359
confirmed 382 reced his Charge
PytleEdwad Noiated a Govr360
confirmed 383 reced his Charge
Pack John Esqr Noiated a Govr360
confirmed 384 reced his Charge347
Popham Edwd Esqr Noiated a Govr360
confirmed 383 reced his Charge402

Polling Dr. John in Assigned of a Lease Bin present 28.32 343
Previous Question put393

Palmer Ren & Benj a Lease of 2 Houses in
Holborn (No 1&3) to be made to Benjr.

Pice Richd Porter a Gar of 22 each him 370

Phillips WmComary of a Artsmas. Lee based
on his resignation
370 372

Palmer James To be Lease of a House
at Wapping (No 4)

Phillips AbranElected an Artsman377
PiceRichdPorter a Gra of 23 Ordered him402
PacketBenjElected Artsmaster402

Prisoner BeckRd. To be prosecuted at the
Expence of the Hospital

Perrin Poter to be sent to the Kemp Clerks410
PriceRichd Porter a Gra of 28 Gs. Ordered him444
Palmer Phillip to be Appr443
Prossley Thos to be Appr445
Peynter Jos to be Appr463
Platt Phin Pet for a Lease House Lymested G ( [..] 473
Phillip John to be Appr473
Price Richd Porter a Gra of 26 Ordered him495
Platt Jno Lease Kno Lymester Sqr (No 2) 481

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