Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

12th January 1738 - 4th April 1751

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AynsworthThosTo be Apprentice3
ApprenticeBatchelor Thoshis pidres
to be cancelled
ArtsmarRevey ThosElected in the room
of John Surman}19
DoPageAllenHis Resignation
AlingtonMarina Esqr To return ye thanks of
ye Court for 200 Benefaction to Bethlem} 27
ArcherWm Esqr Nominated & Elected a Govr by
the Court}27
Annuitys3 P centTrear to lay our surplus
moneys in a purchase thereof}27
Artsmat.Vacancy on the resignation of
Allen page}27
DoOrder for an Elecconing room of Mr Page30
AccountantTo be appointed next Election day42
Alcock MaryTo have leave to assign seval
Messas in Bri Precinct to Wm Atwell}43
AswellWmSir cure that mary Alcock may
assign to him}43
AccountsState of the Hospls of Bridewell &
Auditor GeneralRichd Levett Esqr Aldr
Resignation of his Office}47
Annuitys & Rents of both Hospls to be collected as usual 51
Accots.To be annually made up to Xmas within
3 Months after}51
AyliffeMr DeptyElected audr General58
AdcockRichdTo be put Appr65
AlsopMr RobtNoiated a Govr.(for 71) confirmed 75
Artsmar Order for an Election in the room of Mr. Vaughan76
Alsop Mr. Robert reced his Charge as Govr78
Albery FrancisTo be Free87
ArmarsVacancy on the resignation of Mr
Whitamore & death of Mr. Oabell}87
ArtsmarVacancy on the removal of Thatcher94
AlgarWmTo be Appr96
Allenats CornishThos,.do104
Albert John Esqr on his Will105
AllambyJamesTo be Appr142
Artmar.Vacancyon the resignation of Mr Ward162
do.on resignation of Mr Cooke179
Accounts to Xmas 1742. Mr President reported
the Ballance of them}179
AsgillMr. CharlesNoiated a Govr183
confirmed 192reced his Charge20
ArtsmarVacancy on the resignation of Wm Ceehe 21
Artsmarthe Election of in the room o Cook to
be next Court}216
Artsmr Vacancy declared in the Room of Richd.
Arenthust ann not for Lease 5 Etc Wapp (No 234) ref 240
Arbuthurot Ann To have a Lease of 5 Houses at
Wapping No rept}245
Admirally Letter to Mr President 242
AllenNathll.Petr. for a Lease of
Barston Farm referred to Commee} 252
Accountsto Xmas last 1744 Mr President reported
the Ballance of them}253
Appeal agt the Assessmt of Landtax at Wapping241
Atwell Wm. Chappelwarden confirmed246

Accots to Xmas 1745 Mr. President [..]
the Ballance of them
ArtsmarVacancy declayd on the death of Mr [..] 293
doTho Election to be the Court on Sept239
Artsmarsnot to take a Boy onliking without [..] 303
AllenWmTo be Appr308
Artsmar.Vacancyon the death of John Gildart312
& Election of one to be next Court321
Accots to Xmas 1746. Mr President reported the
Ballance of there in}317
Arnolt John Appr set to the [..]
Apprentices referred to Comee to consider of Proper
regulations& Mr Care [..] Mr Jennings
added to the [..] }326
ArnallThos.To have Lease of the White
Lyon Tavern Wapping (No 6)}339
Artsmars.Not to take any Boy on taking without order
of the President Trear Auditor [..] or the
Comee of the House345
Accounts to Xmas 1747 Mr President reported
the Ballance of them}358
Alderman before April 1743 to be askd of will
be Stewards of Election Feast}358
AlthamMr. RogersNoiated a Govr359
confirmed 382 reced his Charge387
Aldn Sr . Danl. Lambertif done not sent to me
to Serve Stewd this Year [..]
Aldn . before April 1743. Showd. of Bridewells Rep
of his having comited in them} [..]
AdcockRichd. To be free381
doto be enquired after for Lerks Gift387
doTo have 10. Locks Gift392
Accounts to Xmas 1748. Mr. President [..]
the Ballance of them}401
AbrlySr . John Burt. Noiated a Govr.
Reced Charge403
Artsmaster to attend next Court [..]
ArtmasterVacancey on death of Philip Hythem [..]
Arnold JohnProposals for Laease [..]
Arnold JohnTo be free409
Arnold JohnTo have Lease 2 house Wapp 24 419
Arnold MrsMarriot for a Lease to make an [..]
to Messrs. Master [..] Peacock of a Mess
Paid in precinct (No 35)referred}422
AllambyJames To be free
Afflick John Esqr Elected a Governor by the Court 443
reced like Charge
Apothecary Comee to enquire into the Amount of the
Bills his Attendance & Goodness of the Meddlesex}444
doReport about the Bills Medicines Attendance
Abdy Sr . Anthony Barrt Elected a Govr454
be the Court reced his charge
Arbdy Anthony Peter Lease there Lease of (No 6) 463
AlsopAldn . Elected Trear in the [..] of Edward
Holloway Esqr deceased}463
As berry Thos. to be Apprentice
Andre Antho Pet Lease House Lymestr Sp (No 6) ref [..]
Apothecarys Slap in Bethlem House Comee to proceed
in every thing necessary concering the same & to [..] 476
Apothecary Shop & Sales Comee Kept confirmed480
Sundry proposed L Gams Tham Whister Stea483
As lat Samuel to have Locks Gift
Apothecary to be chosen at next Court
Arnold John to be Viewed for Lock [..]

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