Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th December 1722 - 15th December 1737

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Image 377 of 49130th April 1735

Wednesday 30th. April 1735

Brick Messuages South of the Vestry Room belonging to the Meeting house To pull
down the other Brick house at the North end of the Meeting house and build them
with Brick and Timber of such Scantlings as such rate of Building requires To build a
Cooperage from the yards of the Front houses with a brick front next the passage 70 feet
long 14 wide at the End. the other front to be done with Timber and in the said building
two floors and a Roof covered with Pantiles to make a Timber fence from the end of
the Cooperage round the end of the yard near Cinamon Lane To newbuild with Timber
the yard at the North West end of the said Passage to the sewer and to lay one flow
in the same above the ground floor and the Roof to be covered with Pantiles. To wharfe
the Sewer round the said yard with brick To repair and sash the front houses next the
Street and to pave the Street as far as the buildings extend In which and other
Building and Repairs they propose to layout and disburse on the said Estate 800

This Committee are of Opinion to accept the proposal of the said Daniel Weston< no role >
Lewis Weston< no role > & William Pike< no role > whereupon they gave two Guineas to the Poors box
All which nevertheless is submitted to the Judgment of the Court And it is ordered
that this opinion be reported to the next CourtThis Court doth Confirm the
said Report and Order that a Lease be made to the said Daniel Weston< no role > . Lewis
< no role > and William Pike< no role > accordingly.

Artsmasters-that dye or Leave
of Hospitalthey or their Exors to
maintain their apprentices}

Upon Reading a Report from the Comittee of this house under the hands of Robt
< no role > Esqr . Alderman Trear Mr. Robt. Bishop< no role > Phineas Cheek< no role > Esqr . Mr. Philip Sca [..]
and Mr. James Bartlett< no role > dated the 2d of April instant in the words and figures
following ViztThe Committee being informed that several apprentices in this
Hospital whose Masters have happen'd to dye or leave this Hospital before the expiration
of their apprenticeship have been turned upon the charge of the Hospital and maintained
at the Steward's at the expence of 7 P Week for every such apprentice till such time as
they are provided with another Master in the Hospital This Comee are of Opinion that
it is a charge which this House ought not to bear but that their Masters or the Executors
or Administrators of such as are deced ought to support them according to the accounts
of their Indentures All which nevertheless is submitted to the Judgment of the Court
And it is ordered that this opinion be reported to the next CourtThis Court
having duly weighed and considered of the said Report doth confirm the same


At this Court the following Poor Boys were ordered to be put out apprentice
at the nomination of the several Governors hereafter named Vizt. Nominated by

BeasleyThomas< no role > to GillinghamJefferey< no role > Mr. David Chitty< no role >
Indre dat to May 1735TrottmanJohn< no role > to SpencerWilliam< no role > John Tayler< no role > Esqr
Indre dat to May 1735BatchelorThos< no role > to SharpeSutton< no role > Mr. Wm. Poole< no role >
Indre dat 7 May 1735 CannerJohn< no role > to ThatcherBenjamin< no role > Mr. Robert Hall< no role >

Apprentices petns.

The several Petitions of Manus O'scullin< no role > , Benjamin Jesson< no role > & Thomas Piper< no role > to be
put apprentices are referred to the comittee who are ordered to report their Opinion
therein to the Court.

WarbruckSaml< no role > . Weaver
10 Lock's Gift}

Mr. Robert Hall< no role > one of the Governors of this Hospital reporting to this Court
that in pursuance of an order of Court the 29th. of January last He and Mr.
Bridgman another of the Governors of this Hospital had made Enquiry and found
that Samuel Warbruck< no role > who served his apprenticeship in this Hospital is set up for
himself in the Trade of a Weaver and hath the Character of a diligent and sober
Man It is Ordered that the steward of the said Hospital do give and pay [..]
the said Samuel Warbruck< no role > Ten Pounds out of Mr. Lock's gift to be allowed him in
his next account.

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