Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th December 1722 - 15th December 1737

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Image 358 of 49116th May 1734

Thursday 16: May 1734 .

SharpSutton< no role > Needle maker &
SpencerWm< no role > Framework knitter
Elected Artsmasters}

At this Court the several humble Petitions of Sutton Sharp< no role >
Needlemaker William Spencer< no role > Framework knitter James Vaughan< no role >
Weaver and John Wall< no role > Shoemaker were read setting forth that they are
willing to comply with all the Orders of the Court in relation to Artsmasters &
to take such a Number of Apprentices as the Governors shall think fitt to
allot them and praying to be Elected Artsmasters in the room of John
< no role > Weaver deceased and Francis Read< no role > Shoemaker who lately quitted the
HospitalAnd a petition of Master Wardens and Assistants of the
Company of Frameswork knitters of the Cities of London and Westminster
the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales signed by Timothy Smart< no role >
Master and Thomas Robinson< no role > and Roger Broome< no role > Wardens and Eleven others
of the said Company was presented to this Court and read being the same in
Substance with two former Representations of the said Company Vizt.
One the 1st. day of July 1726 and the other the 24 day of April 1730
Praying that the said William Spencer< no role > may not be admitted an Artsmaster
And the said William Spencer< no role > produced the State of a Case with the
Opinions of Mr. Abney Mr. Serjeant Urling and Mr. Comon Serjeant thereon
which he prayed might be read and the said Opinions were accordingly read
Whereupon It was moved and the question being put That this
Court do now proceed to the Election of Artsmasters The Right Worshipfull
The President declared his Opinion that the plurality of hands was for the
Affirmative but a Poll being demanded those who were for the Negative were
desired to withdraw into the dineing room and Tellers were appointed Vizt
Mr. Deputy Brewis and Mr. Samuel Smith< no role > who reported to the Court
that the number of Governors for the Affirmative was 33 and for the
Negative 32And this Court being Acquainted that John Wall< no role > one of
the Petitioners is not a Freeman of this City It wasmoved and the
Question was put that his Petition be rejected which was carried in the
AffirmativeAnd then the said Sutton Sharpe< no role > William Spencer< no role >
and James Vaughan< no role > being severally put in nomination the plurality of
hands appeard for the said Sharp and SpencerWhereupon It is
Ordered that the said Sutton Sharp< no role > and William Spencer< no role > (upon delivering
Certificates of their Setlements to the Clerk and producing Copys of their
freedom of this City) be admitted Artsmasters of this Hospital untill the
next Election day giving Security as usual in the like cases and entring
into the usual Covenants with a Covenant to be added that they will not set up
or use any Engine Looms in this Hospital and that the Journeymen which they
shall Employ in their said Trades shall be such as have served their
apprenticeships in this HospitalAnd it is further Ordered
That they have such apartments as the Comittee of this house shall direct.

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