Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th December 1722 - 15th December 1737

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Image 78 of 49119th February 1725

19th: February 1724/5

pun & dd

SlyJohn< no role > P Sr John Fryer< no role > being charged by oath of
John Cliften< no role > Butcher in Ladenhill Market Stealing from off his [..]
in the Right a peice of Beef taken upon him by George Phillips< no role > .


PalmerMargarett< no role > P Sr Geo: Merttins< no role > Mayr being charged by
George Bran< no role > Watchmen of the Ward of Oath Castlebeyard on Oath for being
taken by him the Morning in a lewd Action with a strange man in a
Hackney [..] and being a lewd Idle Disorderly and Vagrant Person
refusing be Work

at her [..]

JohnAnn< no role > P Sr John Fryer< no role > being charged by Ann
< no role > her Mother frequently leaving her keeping Company will Ill person
frequently getting Drunk out staring her

no body appearing agt her

WilkinsonMary< no role > P Sr John Fryer< no role > being charged by the Oath
of Thomas William< no role > Silversmith Katherin Wheel Court on Charles
taken late in the night at in Empty hour where she had made a great
Disturbance to the Disgreat of the Neighbour and giving as good Account
of herself artsmastr.loose idle disorderly Person


WilliamAnn< no role > P Sr John Fryer< no role > being Charged by the
Oath of Bartholomew Read< no role > a Constable of Fleetstreet & John Canbler< no role >
a Watchmen Strolling about the Streets had warning to go home &
afterwards taken in a Private place with a Strange Man Esteemed
a Comon night Walker

Russell Robert< no role > made free

At this Court Robert Russell< no role > who Served his Apprenticeship in this
Hospital part to Roger Gethin< no role > & the remainder to Francis Read< no role > by Indenture
dat 4th April 1717 was Order'd to be made free of this City

LarceyWilliam< no role > [..]
for Late [..] }

Upon Reading the humble Petition of William Larcey< no role > Setting forth
that be Served his Apprenticeship to William Phillips< no role > Weaver one of the Artsmasters
of this Hospital by Indenture dated 16th. April 1717 & by an Order of this Court
of the 24th. July last he was on the 7th of September following made free of
this City And in Set up for himself in his said TradeIn the Long Walk
near Christs Hospital London And Mr Treasurer Reporting to this Court
that the Comittee of this House on the 11th day of Norton last Inspected
the Book kept of the Apprentices behaviour and found as Complaint against him
It is Order'd That Colonel Samuel Robinson< no role > Mr Wm Harrison< no role > & Mr Jams Ballerd< no role >
three of the Governors of these Hospitals or any two of them be desired to Enquire
whether the said William Lacey< no role > be Set up in his said Trade & of his hopefullness
therein and to make their Report to the next Court.

Ex & Kal
H: T.

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