Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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9th. Decemr 1720

Seal Jno< no role > appr. to the

Mr Gavell in the precinct complained of John Seal< no role > (apprentice to Philip
< no role > in this hospital) that he and another blow Boy Kirkt his Daughter
in the Dirt without any provocation and when She Cryd out and her
father came to her assistance they abused him and seal they wou'd fight
him & that the night after he complained to Mr. president there came
several of the apprentices of this hospital ( whom he knowes not) &
broke his windows and that they have alwayes abused him & his Daughter
as they go by for two years past for which he call guess no other
reason than his haveing formerly complained of their breaking out of the
hospital on a holyday when they blew up ye Lock of the Gate wth.
Gun powder and the said John Seal< no role > being present in Court and haveing
little to say for himselfe It is Ordered he be sett to the hemplock
to had labour and eat no more than he earns

Hospital of Bridewell of Hate
threof ref. to a Comee}

Mr Presidt: acquanited the Court that he understood that the
house was in great disorder whereupon it was referred to a Comee to
inquire into ye State of the House and Report their Opinion to the
Court and that the Books of the Ancient Constitution of the house be
laid before them and a Comee was named vizt. Mr Trear; John
< no role > Esqr ; Tho. Rawlinson< no role > Esqr . Mr Tho Nicoll< no role > , Mr Yerbury
Mr Robert Fotherby< no role > , Mr Richard Russell< no role > , Mr. Frances Powell< no role > ,
Mr Saml. Stanton< no role > , Mr Saml Keble< no role > , Mr Cha: Gretton< no role > , Mr Wm Lee< no role >
Mr Depty Turner & Phineas Cheek< no role > Esqr and that any five of them
be a Quorum

Ex & Kal.

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